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Morten Tonnesen led tech unicorn Ve Global after it crashed and burnt in 2017. He is now heading an online gambling project, an AI-Powered Casino. Tonnesen is no stranger to the world of online betting. Prior to his role at Ve Global, he worked as the Group Marketing leader for the online poker giant PokerStars. Mr Tonnesen’s brand new online betting business focuses on the delivery of casino gaming and online sports betting services. His operation will firstly target online gambling markets in the UK, Spain, Germany, Bulgaria and Latin America. It is also said the company will expand to the US as time goes.AI-Powered Casino

AI-Powered Casino – New Venture

BetWarrior, which is the branded name of the new business venture. The gaming operator is said to take online gambling to the next level. It will also provide patrons with “the right balance of adrenaline, fun, and challenge in a secure and healthy gambling environment.”

PokerStars alumnus is listed as the business’ co-founder at BetWarrior’s site. José Del Pino, Former PokerStars Group Marketing Director, is also part of the establishment. Mr Del Pino led PokerStars’ growth across the profitable Latin American and US market.


BetWarrior is founded in Barcelona, as per its certified website. The business aims to syndicate leading sports betting and casino products into “the best mobile product.”

The site customizes itself to the individual customer using machine learning. Artificial Intelligence is the new norm in more and more businesses. They aim to be the first to deliver this in e-gaming and lead the future growth of the sector.

Casino games are likely to go live soon. BetWarrior’s CEO seeks to raise $100 million to be able to finance purchases of sports news companies, tech providers, smaller online gaming and the betting operators.

Mr Tonnesen’s business welfares also go to the vibrant world of cryptocurrencies. he’s been involved in a number of ICOs, including CasinoCoin, which is the digital currency that is designed for the regulated online gambling industry and chiliZ, a digital currency for sports entertainment platforms led by Media Sports & Entertainment creator Alexandre Dreyfus.