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Most people are familiar with how a tournament works in one of the sports they see on television. It is structured in such a way that the competition will produce a winner in the end who will capture the prize for first place. Casinos have tournaments as well, and these are not spectator sports, but contests that allow their customers to be the "stars."

Best August 2018 Amex and Black Card (Centurion) Casinos

Below are the August 2018 best US online casinos that accept American Express credit cards. Amex and black card (Centurion card) holders can make deposits at these online casinos.

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How to Use American Express Credit Cards at Online Casinos

Using American Express to purchase casino credits at an online casino is pretty much the same as using American Express to pay for any other goods online. The payment process is really straight forward when using American Express for the very first time, just make sure that you follow the simple onscreen instructions. Once you have made your first ever deposit using American Express, future deposits should be much easier because your card details can be stored at the casino and this means that you won’t need to keep entering the information manually each time you want to make a deposit with the same card.

Using American Express is quick and easy. You’ll be required to enter the long number from the front of the card, the name which is on the card, the card’s expiration date and also the three digit security number which you can find on the back of the card. All that’s left to do know is enter the amount that you wish to deposit and then once you have confirmed that all of this information, your transaction can be processed.

All of our highly recommended US-friendly online casinos that accept American Express are free to sign up to and you will receive some kind of generous new player welcome bonus when you open an account at any of these sites. To use American Express, just head to the casino’s cashier/banking section and then click on the appropriate American Express logo to start the deposit process.

The High Roller American Express Black / Centurion Card at US Online Casinos

The American Express Centurion Card is often regarded as the most prestigious charge card offered by this leading financial institution and it is the ideal kind of payment method for high rollers because of the high deposit limits that are often allowed on this card. This card is also known as the American Express ‘Black Card’, but obtaining one of these cards is possible via invitation only.

Before you are even considered for an American Express Black Card / Centurion Card, you must meet certain strict requirements. The other thing you need to be aware of is that US members have to pay a one-off $7,500 fee, plus annual $2,500 fees from there on. However, this card comes with some great benefits and the Centurion Card has absolutely no charge limits, which is great for online casino gamblers.

If you are based in the US and consider yourself to be a highroller, this is the method that you should definitely look in to. If you are successful, you can then visit one of our most highly recommended US online casinos that accepts the American Express Black Card / Centurion Card and then you can start playing straight away on your favourite games in the real money mode.