The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, has made it pretty clear that either for personal beliefs or financial incentives – Apple does not and will not support gambling. There has been a recent change in Apple’s App Store guidelines that will require all applications to be built using Apple’s native language and not any other like HTML5. This has made it a little bit difficult for many American sports betting sites to offer their services to Apple or iOS users. Thanks to Goldman Sachs, Apple is currently in the process of creating its very first credit card, but the card won’t be available for anything else other than cash

Upcoming Apple Credit Card – Details

In other words, we advise US players not to expect to use this credit card for their online gambling activities, such as buying casino chips, wagering on horses, topping up your casino gambling account or doing anything that is associated with gambling. Also, the card won’t work for buying any crypto currencies and without gambling or any crypto, what else is there for one to use their credit card on? Perhaps a highly-priced latte at Starbucks?

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Goldman Sachs stated that on this Apple credit card, anything that can be seen as an alternative option to any traditional cash advances will not be allowed. The financial company further emphasized that by cash equivalents and cash advance, they mean other cash-like transactions such as foreign currency, money orders, crypto currency, lottery tickets, traveler’s checks, peer to peer transfers, and casino gambling chips; race track betting or anything similar will not be allowed. Well, the great thing about their credit card is that it can be used when purchasing at Apple’s retail stores, iTunes and Apple music. Unfortunately, with the allegations that iTunes will soon be destroyed, the pool of options will, of course, be reduced.


To be rational, it’s not only Apple alone that making a card with so many restrictions. Many financial transaction cards prevent the owners from making any purchases of anything that may be gambling-related. For example, American Express and Discover openly prevent casino gambling chips from being bought using their plastic bank cards. In addition, Nevada also restricts the use of credit cards when it comes to buying casino chips and in California; credit cards are not allowed to buy anything that may be associated with the lottery.