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Are There Patterns In Baccarat?

Most players looking for an edge have probably heard of Baccarat patterns and how they can increase your chances of winning. But spotting these patterns on the chart or scoreboard and depending on them is a waste of time.

Whenever you see the previous results of a gambling game, ignore them because you won’t benefit from it. Still, we’ve created this guide to let you know how other baccarat players try to spot patterns so you can avoid it.

Baccarat Pattern Spotting

Baccarat Pattern Spotting

So, you’re probably wondering how people spot baccarat patterns and predict the next hand. Most of these tracking methods use the same grid, which will be used in different ways.

The grid is always six rows by multiple columns to track the wins, with the first win in the first column. If the same side wins each time, mark it off in that column until the other wins.

There are roughly six different techniques you could use:

1. Bead Plate Baccarat Pattern

Using a bead plate means tracking only which hand wins, which is indicated by T for Tie (green), P for Player (blue), and B for Banker (red). Tracing the baccarat pattern starts in the upper left-hand corner all the way to the bottom row. This tracking system is also known as the “cube,” “dice,” “marker,” “baby pig,” or “bead plate road.”

2. Big Road

This pattern uses a similar system as the bead plate, with the player’s win in blue, the banker’s in red, and a tie in green. These beads show the winning total, with pairs indicated by a small dot. And a green line through the previous hands if there’s a tie. The system starts a new column when there’s a different win.

3. Big Eye Boy

In the Big Eye Boy baccarat pattern, you’ll be tracking how repetitive the deck (or shoe) of cards is. You mark in red if there’s repetition and blue if there’s “chaos,” but not who has won. Following this sequence means starting on the Big Road, then move a cell to the left and up. You will be marking off the first entry in the second column and so on.

4. Small Road Baccarat Pattern

This is one of the more confusing baccarat patterns because you have to start in the third column to see the pattern. Then, you have to move two cells left and then up. Small Road is basically the Big Eye Boy with extra effort and spotting.

5. Cockroach Pig

Next up is the Cockroach Pig system, which skips the first two columns from the left but then follows the Big Road. This pattern tracking strategy only starts after the fourth entry and will indicate the repetition of the cards.

6. Card Counting

One pattern system you should never trust is card counting because the cards never return to the deck after being dealt out. Unlike blackjack, there’s no advantage to knowing which cards are left because standard games use eight decks.

Is Baccarat Pattern Spotting Worth It?

So, Are There Patterns in Baccarat?

When playing Baccarat, the odds are always against you, and relying on these patterns is not the best idea. Since you’re betting on the banker, player, or a tie, previous outcomes won’t give you an edge. Although many casinos advertise these results on baccarat tables anyway, it’s not something you should trust blindly.

After all, baccarat is a game of chance with a high house edge for player bets, banker wagers, and tie bets. Winning baccarat is a matter of luck, and no pattern can predict it. Plus, every casino game you find at online casinos can’t be predicted.

Is Baccarat Pattern Spotting Worth It?

Simply put, no, because you’ll spend so much time trying to learn how to track the pattern that you’ll waste valuable gameplay. Of course, it’s a fun way to spend an afternoon, but not nearly as helpful as some players believe.

So, stick to learning everything you can about the game and leave the guessing games to someone else.

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