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All About the Western Union Banking Method

September 17, 2012

Online casino players from the United States are painfully aware of how difficult it can be to make deposits to online casinos sometimes. It can feel like an easy and dependable deposit method is a sort of holy grail that no one can find, but Western Union offers a number of options that can make things easier than they look. While not all online casinos accept Western Union payments, several of the ones that accept American players do, and it can be the only banking method that you need no matter how often you want to make deposits or withdrawals.

Western Union as a company has been around since 1851, so they have tons of experience in helping people move their money around. While they are no longer in the eCommerce-specific game, they once rivaled PayPal with their electronic wallet program BidPay that they no longer operate. With so many places accepting Western Union payments like gas stations, thrift stores and supermarkets, it's almost guaranteed that you'll have a location nearby. From the Western Union website, you can quickly and easily find locations that are near where you live.

While you'll need to follow the exact instructions that your online casino gives you for depositing with Western Union, the general process is as follows. The online casino will give you a name and/or number, and you'll go to the Western Union location to transfer funds to that name and/or number. In return, you'll receive a confirmation number called a control number. This number is a reference number that proves that you were the one who sent the funds to the online casino. After giving this number to the online casino once you get back home, your funds will usually be ready within an hour.

There are some fees involved with Western Union money transfers depending on the exact details of your transaction. If you're making deposits of at least $100, then the fees will almost always be less than five percent, and sometimes you can get the online casino to pay for the deposit fees if you ask. Overall, the small fees that Western Union takes for its service are a small price to pay for quickly and securely being able to make deposits to online casinos whenever you want. This is about as close as American players can get to the holy grail of banking methods at this point in time.