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5 Essential Tips for Online Roulette Games

July 9, 2013

When playing table games online, there is often an assumption that it is different than the traditional table game in the casino. The typical question that many ask is can one actually win in an online roulette game? There unfortunately is no truth in that assumption, especially in the game of Roulette. Online roulette games are the same as casino roulette games. Roulette is a game of pure luck. Online roulette games have received significant appeal over the years, with new players coming to benefit from their lucky numbers every day on the spinning wheel. Here are 5 tips and tricks can be utilized to have better control over the roulette game you are playing online.

1. Select a casino that feels to be the one you believe you can win at. There are many online casinos to play roulette at. Online roulette games are incredibly fun and understanding the dynamics of the different online casinos is important before beginning a game. Take a look at the reviews on each one and discover the thrill and exhilaration of online roulette.

2. The Advantages of Bonuses - it is common knowledge that the house holds the edge at table games; however, you can greatly improve your chances by taking full advantage of the various benefits that many online casinos offer. You can literally find an online casino that has a variety of promotions happening everyday of the week. What makes this tip even better is more often than not, the bonus requirements are not difficult to meet, thereby allowing you the best opportunity to capitalize on turning the bonus cash into money in your pocket.

3. The Current Spin Has No Relation to The Last One - this is a common strategy that many roulette players have. While this is a viable strategy to have in terms of rationalization, there is no reason to believe that because previous numbers the ball landed on are related to where the ball will land on the current spin.

4. Have same bets in two columns and 50% of your amount on red - the column that has 3 through 36 has a total of 8 red numbers and only 4 black numbers. The best strategy in online roulette is to put one of your casino chips on red, two casino chips on the 1 through 34 column and two casino chips on the column 2 through 35. Why? This allows you to have bets on 24 of the 36 total numbers with an extra chip on red that covers each of the 8 numbers in the third column. This gives you 2 out of 3 opportunities to win on the columns while minimizing your losses as much as possible.

5. Put the same amount of the lower numbers and the high numbers - this tip allows you to bet on a few numbers between 1 and 18, while placing the same bet on the higher numbers. This creates a win-win scenario as you will win either way. This strategy provides great betting value.