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The Martingale System In Roulette

September 10, 2013

If you are a gambler and take strategies and tips seriously, then the Martingale System in Roulette may be the one for you. The system was first introduced in the 1800s by the French. It is an incredibly simple system to learn. Essentially, the French use a coin, flip it and bet on the site that the coin will land on, heads or tails. To utilize this system in the game of Roulette, at both online and land casinos. If a wager is made on a coin that shows heads, the casino player would lose if tails appeared after tossing the coin. Therefore, the casino player would have to double their wager's size in order to win back the amount of money they lost and in order to also make a profit.

Most casino players usually use the Martingale system when they are betting on the outside bets in the game of Roulette in the particular Roulette layout. Casino players usually favor black or red, even or odd, however the Martingale system is able to handle practically any bet that is placed. If the casino player for example were to bet $5 on the color red and win, then the casino player would receive $5 plus their original $5 wager as the payout for winning on the bet of the color red. The payout for the color red is 1:1. The next wager that the casino player would need to take is to bet $5 again. Casino players do not usually add to their original bet that they won. If the white ball were to stop on the color red again, then the casino player would win again. This essentially gives the casino player continuous easy money.

So what occurs if a casino player loses a bet by using the Martingale system? If a casino player were to be $5 on the color red and the white Roulette ball were to land on the color black, then the casino player would lose their $5 bet. In order to follow the system to a tee, the casino player would then have to double their original betting amount immediately. An example of this is that the casino player would have to place a wager of $10 on the color red in an effort to win back their original $5 that they lost and to hopefully gain an added $5. If the casino player were to go on a streak of losing, then they must continue to keep doubling their original bet in an attempt to recoup their loses and in essence, make a profit. This is when the Martingale system often becomes very dangerous to the casino player as Roulette is a game of chance.

It is important to remember that if the casino player wagers $5 and loses five games in a row, then the casino player has to place a bet of $160 on their sixth bet in order to get back all of the money lost and to even clear a profit of $5. That is a lot of money to bet but the system itself is dangerous in that it can be highly profitable to the casino player or the casino player could regret using the system.