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A Review of the Candy Factory Slots Game

November 8, 2014

Casino players that love sour and sweet candy will enjoy the Candy Factory slots game. A Cayetano Gaming creation, it is a video slot with a free spin feature, 5 reels and 1 payline. Casino players upon playing it will find themselves thrust into a tasty little treat that features an unusual gameplay format. Almost all slots games tend to have paylines, but given the 1 payline aspect of the Candy Factory, the objective is to try and collect bags of candy that are prominently displayed on the reels. This provides the casino player with the chance of obtain 2,500 bags thereby achieving a notable jackpot. To collect the total jackpot, casino players should be looking to collect nine or more of the chocolate looking characters, but nine of any of the symbols in the Candy Factory produce a notable reward for the casino player.

The Candy Factory is designed with the word swee in mind. Everything about the overall theme is full of candy coated aspects. From the borders to the backdrop, casino players will immediately be taken in by the various colors and sound effects that Cayetano added to make it an engaging and exciting experience. The betting begins at roughly $0.20 per each spin. Casino players who are high rollers can go up to a total of $500 per spin due to the fact that there is only 1 payline in the Candy Factory slots game. The Candy Factory slots game is very distinctive from other Cayetano games in that is has a drop and collect feel to it more so than the regular, typical slots game that casino players are used to. This may make it intimidating or seem more like a non-slots game but that should not deter casino players from playing.

The Candy Factory slots game is no joke in the area of winning. The symbol of the lollipop provides casino players with free spins when a total of five of them happen to be accumulated. There is also an instant win symbol that triggers random wins for the casino player. Casino players hoping to win and wing big will be delighted to find that if they obtain three bonus symbols, which come in the form of pink candy, they will subsequently be offered a choice of three particular bonus games to play - each more exciting and interesting than the other while offering reward after reward. The Candy Factory slots game may not look all that inviting on the surface but that does not take away from the priceless aspect that it offers. Casino players can come away from the Candy Factory slots game with a heavy amount of coins in their balance if they understand first and foremost how to play and why it differs from the traditional slots games. Cayetano Gaming created a rather fascinating slots game that while only having 1 payline, can yield impressive victories in the area of winning, which is what casino players are seeking when they press their luck with slots.