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American Roulette & The Martingale System

December 15, 2014

With an increasing interest in casino players seeking to try their luck in the game of Roulette, there have been several strategies that have been presented for effective betting. These betting strategies for Roulette can be implemented in any of the three variations: American, European and French Roulette. It is essential however for the casino player to understand the distinctions between the three variations before using any form of betting strategy. Many casino players tend to prefer playing either European of French Roulette as opposed to American Roulette because they often feel they have better chances with lady luck.

European and French Roulette have lower house edges than American Roulette which affects the winning odds of the casino player. That should not deter American Roulette casino players however because certain betting strategies can still be utilized to increase chances of winning the game. One of the more effective betting systems that can be used in American Roulette is the Martingale system. Essentially, the Martingale system allows casino players to have a chance to get their back their losses while also increasing their stakes. It is important, however, that each and every casino player who uses the betting system should be willing to place an even money bet. Casino players that play the American version of Roulette that use the Martingale system should learn the ins and outs of the system.

The system operates by increasing the winning percentage in a single game of Roulette from about 46% to about 82%. The system, however, requires a definitive amount of self-discipline as whoever uses the system must brace themselves for some losing streaks. Studies on the Martingale system should only be used in the short term. Casino players should not wait until they reach their max limit allowed in a single Roulette game prior to stopping their betting. According to research studies, those Roulette players that use the Martingale system in American Roulette have found that they increase their chances of winning up to 47.3% of the time but they also need to be prepared to have a 52.7% chance of losing with the system as well. This may appear to the American Roulette casino player that it is pointless to play, but the Martingale system has proven to be quite effective and efficient in opportunity increasing.

The game of Roulette is considered often times to be an unbeatable casino game even for the casino enthusiast or advanced Roulette player. The popularity of Roulette is caused by several different factors such as the excitement from the play itself to the overall development of the betting systems that come with the game and have been shown to be quite beneficial for casino players. So, while Roulette is often known to be very difficult to beat, that has not stopped casino players from using the Martingale system among others to increase their chances of winning significantly. So the next time you are playing Roulette online, implement the Martingale system and see if you come away with more winnings as a result.