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The Appeal of Live Dealers At Casinos

November 23, 2014

Live dealer online casinos seem to be quite currently. They offer the advantages of a regular casino just in the comfort of playing online. Most, if not all online casinos that have live dealers utilize Veutec technology. The company, Vuetec, has been in the business for over 10 years. Founded in 1999, by Don Bursill, he assembled a team of individuals to create a live feed for online casino gaming. The most obvious question is how exactly does live dealer software work on an online casino. It essentially is through achieving a balance between camera size and picture quality. As advancements in technology have gotten more and more powerful and profound, it can be used to stream live feeds from existing casinos. This creates the unique casino feel online. For example, a Roulette table would require a total of three cameras in order to capture the exciting action. This would include the wheel shot, the overview as well as a shot of the table itself.

There are certain cameras, known as PTZ cameras (or pan, tilt, zoom) that are able to be used to accommodate casinos that have small spaces or have more customer presence at their Roulette tables. These types of cameras can be programmed automatically to move with the action of the game. The brains behind the Vuetec operation are what are known as the GCU or Game Control. Each GCU is not larger than what one would store a box of shoes in and is placed underneath the gaming table. Every table in the casino has a unique game control unit that relays data to the servers at Vuetec and encodes video footage in accordance with the game play. Essentially, the live dealer is instructed and directed to the next action of the casino player by the GCU. It is important to note that the game control units are considered tamper proof and they are routinely checked by online casinos.

When a player makes a bet at the table, the monitor will promptly display what the next action needs to be by the dealer. This allows a full view of what bets have/can be placed and when bets are closed. It also allows for a monitoring of the casino dealer and the online player. A relationship can be formed between the casino player online and the casino dealer, which for future games can be beneficial as it gives the feeling of actually being in the casino.

In addition, each casino dealer that is a live dealer at online casinos has what is known as a smart card so each bet is logged by a certain casino dealer and the pace of the dealing is also monitored. The results of every game are also recorded. Vuetec has each casino game that you would expect a regular casino to have and this is what provides the online casino player with the enjoyment of being at an actual real casino. So if you are a fan of Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette and even craps, Vuetec has you covered. Technology has really gotten quite impressive.