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The Hardway Bet in Craps

August 9, 2014

If you have played the game of craps, either online or off, you probably know and remember that the middle of the layout is often complex looking. Yet, despite the way it looks, the layout is actually quite simple to understand.

There are so many betting options that can be made on a craps table such as the Pass Line Bet, the Come Bet and the Hardway Bet. Hardways are typically made in the center of the table. Often referred to as sucker bets, the Hardway Bet is not all bad if the casino player knows how to execute it properly and if they can predict a win for themselves. The hardways are four numbers which have their own designated spot in the center of the table. These include the number 4, the number 6, the number 8, and the number 10. In order to roll a hardway, the casino player must roll and exact pair of numbers. An example of this is if the craps player is putting money on the number 6 hard, then the craps shooter rolls a 3 and a 3. The 3, 3 combination is the only way the casino player can win on the number 6 hard.

Other combinations of six are considered to be easy or soft. If the number comes soft or easy that bet is considered a loser. The other hardway numbers are 2,2 for the number 4; 4,4 for the number 8; and 5,5 for the number 10. These are risky bets, but not necessarily sucker bets. Unlike how pass line or don't pass line bets are placed, the hardway bet is usually designated to the stickperson. For online craps, placing the hardway bet is as easy as the click of the button. To make a hardway bet normally, the craps shooter has to toss his/her casino chips toward the stick person and call out the respective bet such as Hard 6 please, or 10 the hardway.

After this, the casino stickperson will then repeat what the request of the casino player is and then place the casino chips in the correct position based on where the casino player is located. That is all there is to it. Depending on where the game of craps is played, the amount of pay that is received can vary. In any event, if the individual plays the hardways, they are often considered to be providing the casino with a significant advantage. As soon as the point is established, the casino player can make the particular bet. Some casinos tend to use a variety of jargon regarding the payoffs. It is important to check with the particular casino to see what they use. Regardless of the jargon associated with the game, however, the payout is usually 9 to 1 or 7 to 1. The games of craps can be very fun and exhilarating. While the hardway bet is not considered the optimum bet, it is a viable bet that provides the casino player with winning potential even if the house has a significant edge when it is wagered.