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The Rules of French Roulette

September 29, 2014

French Roulette is for the roulette player that wants to win and takes the game seriously. Often the most popular game at physical and online casinos, high rollers and novice players enjoy it. French Roulette is purely random, but the single zero game wheel used in French Roulette is believed by most players to increase their odds of winning and lowers the house edge slightly. Learn the game rules and understand the table layout. Understand your bankroll risks, so that you can get as many roulette spins as possible when you play. If you have two hundred dollars to spend, try to only place maximum bets of ten dollars, so you can have twenty spins during your play session. One important rule is to never bet on zero, so you can increase the chance of winning with two rules. The La Partage rule gives everyone an opportunity to win by placing even money bets. If a player makes an outside bet of odd or even, red or black/ or any bet that pays a ratio of 1:1, and the ball lands in the zero pocket or green slot, players get half of their bet returned back to them. The En Prison rule is another important rule to understand when a zero is spun. This option allows all even money bets to remain on the table for the next spin. These two rules are only available with even money type bets.

Another popular bet that can increase player success is the call bet which includes a group of bets that use the Call Bets function of the game, also known as announced bets. One example of this type of bet is the neighbors bet where 5 chips can be bet on a number that covers the number itself and two numbers on either side of it on the table, proving up to four number neighbor bets. Another tip is that neighbor bet windows often highlight the five numbers that have been successful by winning the highest number of rounds. These are called hot numbers along with highlights of the least won numbers or cold numbers. Notice these numbers when placing bets. French Roulette offers an advanced panel feature with some online games that can be used for more betting options as well as shows with specific colors by categories of table layout of hot or cold numbers.

The inside bet is another type, where the player puts their bet on a table number from zero to thirty-six. The outside bet is available to permit players to have event money bets or dozen bets, two categories for more potential winnings. The bets are placed on the outside of the roulette table. Casino players are recommended to stay calm, play for low stakes, place even money bets when you can, and sign up for bonuses and promotions if the casino offers them online and at local venues. Have a working knowledge of payouts rules too, as they vary. For instance at some casinos a street bet pays 11 to 1, while a straight up bet pays 35 to 1 or a split bet can pay 17 to 1. Know the minimum and maximum stake levels allowed by the casino and have fun!