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What Is Chinese Blackjack?

June 1, 2014
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Chinese Blackjack is considered to be one of the more fascinating and exciting Blackjack variations. Known as Ban Luk and 21 point in some areas of the world, Chinese Blackjack is very similar to that of regular Blackjack with a few distinctive differences. Many casino players remark that Chinese Blackjack is challenging, yet fun. In the game of Chinese Blackjack, casino players play against the Blackjack dealer and there is no limit to the amount of players who can participate at any given time.

In the game of Chinese Blackjack, only two decks are used. When most casino players learn this, they immediately opt for this variation because most Blackjack variations and the traditional game itself use at least four to eight decks minimum. Casino players then are able to obtain 21 easier with Chinese Blackjack. The value of the ace card in the game varies depending upon the amount of cards that the casino player has at the moment they are playing. For example, if the casino player has two cards and one happens to be an ace, that ace may be valued at ten, however, if the casino player has four cards then the ace typically only counts as one. This is just one difference from traditional Blackjack. There are many different types of hands that the casino player can have in Chinese Blackjack.

The hands are referred to as five dragon, where the casino player has a total of five cards that total 21 or less. This particular hand is considered an immediate winner if it totals less than 21 and is paid out at 2:1. If the total is 21, then the payout to the casino player is 3:1. Another type of hand is known as the escape hand, which totals 15. When the casino player has this particular hand, they have the choice of continuing to play or to fold their hand and reclaim the initial wager they placed. This particular hand also applies to the Blackjack dealer also. Another type of hand is referred to as Ban Ban, where the casino player initially receives two aces. When the casino player has this hand, that is considered an immediate win and the payout is 3:1. If the Blackjack dealer has the Ban Ban hand also, the casino player does not receive the payout, however. The final hand that a casino player can have in Chinese Blackjack that has immediate winning potential is the Ban Nag, which is similar to that of regular Blackjack. In this case, the payout is 2:1.

Chinese Blackjack essentially provides casino players with a wealth of options. The casino player can wind up winning a lot if they have a successful hand just as they can lose significantly if the Blackjack dealer happens to hold a great hand of cards. One key aspect of Chinese Blackjack is that if the dealer happens to have a five dragon hand that does not toal 21, then every casino player loses and has to pay the casino twice their initial betting amount and if the dealer has 21 with the five dragon, then the casino player must pay triple their wager. This is why many casino enthusiasts argue that Chinese Blackjack is fun, but also preferred of advanced Blackjack players rather than novices.