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Nevada Gaming Commission Instates New Law

November 26, 2019

Nevada casino regulators have amended the states laws, rules and policies regarding sexual bias in the workplace. The new law, which was introduced just last week, prohibits any kind of discrimination or harassment against an individual due to that person’s race, skin colour, sexual orientation, religious belief, gender identity, sex, age, disability, free speech or national origin. It applies to online casinos as well as land-based casinos, contractors, vendors, suppliers, hotels and various other businesses within the gambling industry. The new law is effective immediately, although all licensees have been given a grace period of now until March next year to affect the changes within the company’s structures.

nevada new harassment law

New Law Receives Mixed Reviews

Former Las Vegas mayor and current board member at Caesars Entertainment Group, Jan Jones Blackhurst said she was happy with the new law. She commented on how the new law embodies rules that is already a long-standing requirement by the EEOC, and how it simply reinstated laws that are already in effect throughout the state. She said she was content with the implementations nonetheless.

While some, like Blackhurst, met the new law with enthusiasm others remained sceptical of it. Other experts said the new law was not what they had expected, and that it has many shortfalls and unoriginal content that needs to be looked into.

Events Leading up to New Law

Talks about amending harassment policies in the industry was first sparked in May last year following an incident which resulted in the resignation of Steve Wynn, the chairman and chief executive of Wynn Resorts in February that same year. Wynn was suspected of sexually harassing and assaulting employees at some of the hotels he owns. Wynn denies these claims against it.

The Gaming Commission has since revoked Wynn’s license and the claims against it are currently pending for further investigation.