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Is There A Secret to Sports Betting?

Perhaps the question being asked here is – is there a way to minimize your long-term losses, or at least break even on all losses over time when betting on sporting events. Professional sports bettors don’t always share their secrets to sports betting, and this is understandable. Sports betting is a very competitive industry and […]

What Does K.O Mean in Boxing?


K.O is an abbreviation for the word “knockout” and is most frequently used in sports like boxing, karate, kickboxing and MMA. In boxing specifically, a fighter losses or wins via knockout when the other player losses consciousness completely and is unable to get back up to defend him or herself. A waiting period of about […]

Why is Gambling So Addictive?

Online Gambling Addiction

There are always mixed emotions when it comes to gambling and whether it’s a healthy way to spend your time and money. The consensus has always been that gambling is addictive and therefore bad. However, why is gambling so addictive and does this notion apply to all players? Below, we discuss the possible reasons why […]