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Why is 11 Called Yo in Craps?

Craps yo (11) bet

Yo is a type of bet found in the popular casino game, craps. And you’ll often hear the dealer or croupier call out yo (11) in an effort to differentiate between the 11 bet and a similar sounding bet for the number 7. So, it’s simply a way of differentiating between two bets that sound […]

Why Are Players Under 18 Not Allowed to Gamble?

Players Under 18

All over the world where gambling is permitted its most likely that you’ll find a gambling age restriction. This age restriction is usually embedded in the gambling laws of that particular country, and the laws often differ from country to country. In most countries, though, the minimum gambling age to play casino games or to […]

Interesting Gambling Idioms and Sayings

Idioms About Gambling

Contrary to what one might believe, gambling is a career for some people just like how being a nurse, a businessman or school teacher is a career for others. And, in every designation there is certain terms, phrases or concepts that is specific to those roles. Similarly, gambling has its own set of interesting idioms […]