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Is Bovada Rigged?

is bovada rigged

Many US players who are unfamiliar with online gambling ask the question “are casino sites rigged?”. Once some players find out that many casino sites aren’t rigged, they begin zeroing in on each individual casino. Bovada is a very famous casino site aimed at US players, so it is unsurprising that “is Bovada rigged?” is […]

Who Invented Slot Machines?

who invented the slot machine

Inventor Charles August Fey is credited with having invented the first-ever mechanical coin-operated slot machine in 1894 while working as a mechanic in San Francisco. Although this game never really gained traction, its follow-up the 4-11-44 proved to be extremely popular in Saloons. So popular, in fact, that Fey soon resigned from his job to […]

What are the types of gambling?

types of gambling

When people think about gambling, often they tend to think of casinos and/or maybe the lottery. It is not widely known that you can actually divide gambling games into two different categories. And no, we aren’t making reference to blackjack being a casino game and horse racing being a form of sports betting. Rather the […]

Can Gambling Be Profitable?

can gambling be profitable

You’ve heard stories about people winning millions of dollars at a time. But you’ve also heard stories of people losing it all almost just as quickly. And all of this has really just left you wondering: can gambling be profitable? With gambling being as popular a hobby as it is, most people will probably tell […]

Can you legally gamble online in the US?

legal online gambling usa

Many Americans wonder whether they can legally gamble online in the United States. After all, with each and every state being in charge of gambling legislation in the area, this can be a pretty tough question to answer. In addition, the 2018 Supreme Court judgement which removed a previous ban on commercial sports betting has […]

MGM Grand Detroit Wins Lawsuit After a Player Lost US$6 Million Obtained from Investors

mgm grand detroit player loses six million

The MGM Grand Detroit has won a lawsuit filed against them by a group of investors. The investors were allegedly defrauded by problem gambler Gino Accettola, who had a terrible time at the casino’s blackjack tables. They suggested that the casino gave Accettola markers without first performing a credit check. Which would have revealed that […]

Cashless Gaming is Becoming More Popular at Las Vegas Casinos

cashless gaming growing in vegas

Cashless gaming is becoming more popular on the Las Vegas Strip following the Palms Casino Resort’s test run with new technology at game tables. The system, which was created by Reno-based gaming technology group Automated Cashless Systems, is called PlayOn and functions as a table-based ATM system. Following the successful trial run at Palms Casino […]