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Is There an Algorithm for Keno?

does keno have an algorithm

In short, yes, keno does have an algorithm. When most people ask this question, they usually want to know if there is some way to trick the system into paying out or if a game is rigged. However, people often have a misconception of what the term “algorithm” means and how an algorithm works in […]

How Do I Bet on Xbet?

how do you deposit at xbet

Xbet is an online sportsbook and casino that launched in 2013. It is one of the more widely-known gambling sites in the United States because it offers a chance to wager on sports and casino games. Lots of US gamblers are interested in signing up at Xbet. After all, if you read our review, you […]

Is Online Poker Legal in California?

is online poker legal in california

Online poker is not explicitly legal in California, but nor is it illegal. There are no laws regulating online gambling at all in the Golden State, which allows offshore real money online casinos to operate in the area. It is a bit weird that the state hasn’t referenced legalizing online poker yet. In California, poker […]

Can Online Poker Be Rigged?

online poker is rigged

Yes, online poker can be rigged. It would be stupid to think that online casino operators cannot rig games. That stated, this doesn’t mean that every poker game you play on the internet is rigged. In fact, if you sign up at one of our casinos, you will never play a rigged game. There are […]

Do Casinos Accept Visa Gift Cards?

visa gift cards

The short answer to this question is yes: online casinos accept Visa gift cards. Practically, any business that accepts standard Visa debit and credit cards also accept gift cards. Essentially, most Visa gift cards have all the functionality of a regular bank card. However, there is a max limit for how much cash you can […]

Does Anyone Win on Online Slots?

do casino slots really payout

Most people lose money when they play slots at a land-based or online casino. After a few disappointments, it’s natural to wonder if anyone actually wins on these games. Well, the short answer is: yes, people do win on online slots and more often than you might think too. You may be wondering that if […]

Is Online Roulette Random?

online roulette random

Is online roulette random? Well, this is a question asked by many players who have tried online gambling. After all, is there any way to know that any online casino game is truly random? Often, you hear stories of people winning with their bonus cash and then suddenly losing as they near the wagering requirements […]

Are Online Roulette Tables Rigged?

is online roulette rigged

Many players ask the question, “are online roulette tables rigged?” After all, you are trusting that a machine will provide you with completely random results. Since most players cannot reverse engineering casino games, it wouldn’t be farfetched to say that online casinos have ample opportunity to cheat players without them knowing. But, do casino sites […]

Is BoVegas Casino Legit?

is bovegas legit

At some point, every player asks if an online casino they are considering playing at is legit. With BoVegas being a popular gambling site, it is not surprising that many players have asked questions about the casino’s legitimacy before. So, is BoVegas Casino legit? That is what we aim to explore below by touching on […]