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Europe covers a lot of ground, and while there are many different locales, there is one thing that is consistent through Europe, and it's that people enjoy gambling. With the advent of online gaming, Europeans have proven to be an avid audience, where the activity of online gaming is permitted by law.

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About Euro and World Online Casino Gambling

The situation regarding online gaming and the law in Europe is somewhat complex, and deserves some brief explanation. The European Commission does certainly approve of online gaming; however, there have been some member states that have had a different view, with some of them actual banning the activity. However, things have been changing over the past several years, with nations coming to the realization that they are better off regulating and taxing online gaming operators than they are in making believe it doesn't exist and watching as they eat into the profits of state-owned operations that might be gaming-related. France and Italy have most notably come around. Eventually it is hoped that all the countries within the EU might adopt common standards for online gaming.

Europeans are well-served by online casinos. Most of them that are looking to reach an international audience will make their website and casino available in multiple languages, and customer support personnel can service inquiries in different tongues. Some of these casinos include those we certainly recommend and review here, including Bet365, All Slots Casino and Golden Riviera. All of these casinos have very extensive methods to make casino deposits, and of course, they all accept the Euro for gaming transactions. Some of the better casinos will allow you to transact in a number of different currencies.

These casinos and more are happy to offer great games that are tailored to a European audience. For example, a European version of blackjack has been developed by Microgaming, one of the world's top casinos software developers, and is widely played throughout the world. The European version of roulette is commonly played in online casinos, and you can also find variations such as French Roulette and Roulette Royale that have a decidedly European flavor.

One can envision a couple of trends continuing, and indeed growing. One of those is the move toward no-download casinos, which are either Java or Flash-based and allow players to get into the action right through an internet browser. You will see more of this as the technology improves, and indeed there are some casinos that are exclusively of the no-download variety. Another twist to online gaming that is becoming more popular is that of live dealer casinos, which feature dealers in land-based locations (some of which are in Europe) dealing roulette, blackjack, baccarat and other games to the players who are watching it live on a computer screen and placing their wagers in real-time.

That's just part of what new European player have to look forward to! However, if you are looking for the best USA online casino check out our guide for more.