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Casino Betting Systems Online 2022

Betting Systems OnlineThe possibility of walking away with millions of dollars is part of the attraction of casino games. However, if you don’t play carefully, that hope of hitting it big might be dashed in minutes. That’s why betting systems are important for any gambler’s strategy. Essentially, they help you take a more systematic stance when playing casinos games.

Betting systems are strategic plans that are devised after wins and losses. Their aim is to increase your chances of winning more wagers in a short period. Plus, these wagering systems can help increase the intensity of your gameplay.

So, in this guide, our experts examine some of the most popular betting systems at casinos online. You can expect to learn more about betting systems used in roulette, blackjack and craps. What’s more, we will answer all the questions you may have about wagering systems.

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What Are Betting Systems?

The existence of casino games has meant that players have tried to find ways to beat the house. So, betting systems have been around for a long time in the gambling world. As we have stated before, wagering systems are strategies that are aimed at increasing wins. However, that is not all these systems are, they also help with strategically managing your bankroll.

So, when you use any betting system, you will be required to either increase or reduce your wagers every time you win or lose. Your plan of action will depend on whether you are using a negative or positive betting system.
Online Betting Systems

Are Betting Systems Useful for All Casino Games?

Many players are curious whether betting systems can be used on all casinos games. Well, if you are one of them, you will be happy to know that most casino game strategies benefit from wagering methods.

Many of the betting systems out there are designed for roulette gameplay. However, these methods have been used by other players on games such as craps, blackjack, keno as well as video poker.

Positive and Negative Betting Systems

We have mentioned before that reducing or increasing your bet will depend on whether you use positive or negative betting systems. The main point of these systems is adjusting the size of your wagers. However, the adjustment of your bet will depend on whether you have won or lost the previous round.

Progressive Positive Betting Systems

When you are using a positive betting method you are basically increasing your bet after you’ve won the previous round. On the other hand, you’ll decrease your bet in the next round if you lose. Most players use the positive betting system because it is fairly harmless. However, you need to keep in mind that using wagering system does not mean you will win.

The positive betting method is based on the idea that your profits will be maximized when you experience a winning streak. Plus, using a positive progressive betting system will allow you to stop gambling when you are on a losing streak. The following betting systems can be considered positive betting systems:

  • Reverse D’ Alembert System
  • Paroli Betting System
  • Reverse Labouchere

Negative Progressive Betting Systems

In contrast to the positive betting method, the negative progressive betting system requires the bettor to increase their wager upon losing. However, when you win a round you will be required to reduce your wager.

The progressive negative betting system is based on the idea that you will eventually win a round and you’ll be able to win more money. Therefore, you will be able to gain more money. This betting approach is a bit tricky because there is no guarantee when your losing streak might end. Therefore, you may end up perpetually increasing your bet and depleting your bankroll. So, you need to be very careful when you choose this wagering method. Examples of negative progressive systems are:

Do Betting Systems Work?

It’s not easy to beat the house, because it has the advantage over players and a lot of casino games are based on luck. So, if you think that betting systems will change the odds of the game, unfortunately, that is not the case. This is certainly true for online casinos because all the games have Random Number Generators.

For example, it’s unlikely that a roulette wheel will remember the previous result. So, don’t visit a gambling website thinking you will beat the house using a betting strategy. However, there are wagering methods that work especially in managing your bankroll. Also, if you prefer a more structured way of playing the gambling games, then wagering systems are beneficial.

Casino Betting Systems: Gambler’s Fallacy

The gambler’s fallacy is also referred to as the Monte Carlo fallacy. It is one of the biggest myths that exist in the gambling world. This myth is based on the belief you can predict what will happen in the future by analyzing the past. However, this belief is false in gambling because results are not random and not dependent on each other.

Let’s take a coin flip as an example of the fallacy, if the first 20 times of the coin flip resulted in heads a gambler that believes in this myth will bet that the 21st time will be the same. However, we have established that gambling results are random and aren’t reliant on each other.

Betting Systems FAQ