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The Reverse d’Alembert Betting System

Reverse d’Alembert is one of most popular negative reverse d'alembert betting systemprogression betting systems that come with constructive counterparts. The betting system is the total opposite of the famous d’Alembert betting system. In our guide, we’ll have an in-depth look at the d’Alembert betting strategy, its advantages and disadvantages, and much more. So, read on below and learn more about the reverse d’Alembert betting system.

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What’s the Reverse d’Alembert System?

Reverse d’Alembert system, also called the ‘Contra d’Alembert’, has its roots taken from its initial counterpart. On the other hand, it’s completely different. The betting system was created by Jean Le Rond d’Alembert, a maths genius. Now it’s clear where the betting system got its name from. Reverse d’Alembert portrays that failures and successes will eventually balance out.

This means that the system is founded using the ‘Law of Equilibrium’ theory. When using the d’Alembert system, you’re advised to increase your bet by a single unit after a single loss. The opposite should happen when you win; you are urged to reduce your bet by one unit. However, when you choose to use the reverse, the betting system advises you to do the exact opposite. In such a case, you decrease your bet after a loss and increase after a win.


How the Reverse d’Alembert Betting System Works

If you haven’t used this betting system before, do not worry. We have broken down the most essential rules to help you get started. These are:

  • Setting your base stake: Before anything else, you must decide on your base bet unit. A rule of thumb we recommend is using about 2 to 5% of the portion in your bankroll that you’d have prepared to lose in each session.
  • Start betting with one unit: Every time you use the reverse d’Alembert betting methods, it’s important that you start by betting on one base unit first.
  • Bets must only increase after a win: Contrary to the d’Alembert, using the reverse version will mean only increasing your bets after a win. This is what makes it a positive progressive method. If you win, your base bet will be doubled, for instance if you set $10 as your bet, it gets doubled to $20. If you manage to win again, your bet will now be $30, and so on. The rule applies to every bet you made when playing your favourite game.
  • Your bet must decrease after a loss: In the event that you lose, you must be prepared to reduce your bet by one unit. For instance, if you lose your wager of $30, the next one you place must be $20. If you do lose again, it should go down to $10. If you happen to lose again, in this case, your wager remains the same as your basic one for your next bet.

The Pros & Cons of Using the Reverse d’Alembert

Our expert team of gamblers have compiled some of the most common advantages and advantages to using this betting system. Some of these are:

It has huge wins, small losses.The system doesn’t affect the odds of the game.
It’s easy & simple to implement.It doesn’t always result in winning.
Memorable betting sequence.


Use the Reverse d’Alembert & Start Winning Real Money

This betting system is definitely one to give a try at any of the top recommended sites we feature. It permits you as a gambler to maximize both your wins and your losses. So, if you want a specific structure when betting, the reverse d’Alembert betting method is the way to go. Visit any of the shortlisted casinos on our website and start placing your bets with the reverse d’Alembert system today!

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