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Busting Online Bingo Myths

bingo myths usaBingo is undoubtedly one of the most loved games in the United States. Like with all other games, various myths and superstitions have developed about the game over the years. These bingo myths have spread globally and has grown in popularity. We will attempt to dispel some of these bingo myths and superstitions with well researched and well thought out information. We’ll also have a look at some of the commonly found bingo myths and give our account for it below.The game can be played on the internet at the top US online casinos, as well as at actual bingo venues and where you choose to play is completely up to you. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages, but the game is enjoyable regardless of where you play.

Apart from the various myths about the game, the fundamentals of bingo, also stays the same. However, there are some features and aspects of each game that sets it apart from the rest. We identify and discuss the various bingo games and their differences below as well.

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Myth 1: More Bingo Cards Equals Better Odds

A classic fallacy regarding bingo and lottery games suggests that buying more bingo cards will increase your chances of striking it lucky. Although the idea around this might seem probable, fact is, this cannot be guaranteed. The odds in a bingo game remain exactly the same. No bingo card has the better odds of winning, they are all equal. Purchasing 5 bingo tickets might get you to a win 5 times faster, but the chances of winning with each ticket remains constant. Instead, you spend 5 times more that you ordinarily would have.

Myth 2: Online Bingo Sites Are Unsafe

Playing bingo online can be as safe and secure as playing bingo in a bingo hall or other planned venue. However, choosing a legitimate internet casino or site is crucial to guaranteeing one’s safety. You have to make sure that your chosen casino or website is licensed and regulated by a trusted bingo parlour. Checking whether or not the online establishment uses a third-party auditor to safe proof their software is another option.

This ties into the bingo myth that playing land-based bingo is safer, thus suggesting that playing bingo live is the better option. This is not true. The online software from all of our listed casinos are designed to provide free and fair results that goes through regular and rigorous processes of oversight.

Myth 3: It’s a Game That Old People Play

As funny as it may seem, this too is a bingo myth. When thinking of bingo, many visualise a hall filled with elderly women in knitted cardigans and turtle necks. But, with the rise of online gaming, bingo has certainly raised to the occasion and brought many young players with it. Statistics claim that the average bingo player is about 35 years old, much younger than some might expect.

Bingo Myths

Myth 4: Playing the Same Numbers Every Time Will Help You Win

Many players are sentimental about certain dates and times such as anniversaries and birthdays. They, therefore, play these numbers constantly because they believe them to be lucky or special. This can be a sweet play method but it certainly cannot guarantee you a win. The bingo machine and the bingo balls have no memory or understanding of dates and times. All bingo numbers are drawn intermittently by a random number generator. This means that any number called be pulled at any time. There is no strategy or formula to predict which numbers might appear next.

Myth 5: Online Bingo is Anti-Social

This bingo myth is simply not true. Online bingo sites and casinos usually feature live chat rooms. You are also able to meet new friends and connect with old ones via the Facebook bingo app. Online bingo is also available during all hours of the day. This allows you to join a virtual room and interact with other online players in real time.

Myth 6: You Can Beat the Computer

No, you cannot. Unless you are a professional cyber hacker with years of sensitive experience and a hint of supernatural ability, you simply cannot make the computer generate the numbers on your card. This act is also very illegal.

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