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Bitcoin as a Payment Option for US Online Gambling

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Bitcoin is the most famous of all digital currencies that everyone’s taking about and this perfectly secure online payment option for US players is now accepted at a growing number of fully licensed USA casinos sites. You can now use Bitcoin to get funds in and out of your favourite online casino account any time of the day.

It’s pretty hard to find a US focussed online gambling site that doesn’t accept Bitcoin in 2018 and this is a reliable online payment option that’s really easy to use. Many online casinos that accept this method also now offer step-by-step guides and useful Bitcoin tutorials for those of you who aren’t too familiar with this particular method.

There are lots of advantages to using Bitcoin at online casinos which we will be taking a look at below, plus you can also find out exactly how to deposit & withdraw with Bitcoin at any of our reviewed US online casinos.

Listing of July 2018's Best Bitcoin Online Casinos for US Players

If you're a US player and having difficulty depositing at online casinos using your Visa or MasterCard as an alternative you may wish to try using Bitcoin. This popular cryptocurrency allows players to deposit at leading online casinos for US gamblers. Below is a listing of July 2018 best Bitcoin gambling sites for American players.

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The Benefits of Using Bitcoin for Onine Gambling

Bitcoin is actually one of the most secure online casino payment options in the world and this is one of the main reasons why it has become the number one payment option for so many US players. Just make sure that you store it correctly and protect your private keys with solid passwords and never share your Bitcoin wallet password with anyone. Bitcoin is an instant payment method and most deposits are processed in the blink of an eye, whereas some payment methods can take hours of even days to process transactions.

Although you may be charged a tiny fee for using Bitcoin, this is usually just a fraction of the cost that’s applied to any other deposit/withdrawal options. You won’t have to suffer any steep credit card fees or prepaid card fees when using this reliable digital currency. Bitcoin has been fully optimised for online gambling and therefore it can be used by players using a smartphone tablet, desktop or laptop computer.

One of the other main advantages to using Bitcoin at online casinos is the fact that there are so many Bitcoin bonuses available. You can often claim a much bigger new player welcome bonus just for depositing with Bitcoin. These Bitcoin new player welcome bonuses come with no strings attached and they are worth thousands of dollars in FREE BONUS CASH. There are no third parties involved and it’s a decentralised currency which means that banks have absolutely no control over this method.

The Benefits of Using Bitcoin for Onine Gambling

Online casinos that accept Bitcoin have been known to operate without obtaining an online gambling license from a reputable authority in a major licensing jurisdiction, but the good news is that ALL of our reviewed USA casino sites that accept Bitcoin DO hold a valid license. Bitcoin can also be a volatile currency which means that the exchange rate can sometimes change dramatically. This works in your favor when moving positively against the dollar, and it will work against you when moving negatively against the dollar.

Although Bitcoin deposits are generally processed instantly, it can take slightly longer for a withdrawal to be processed, but this is fairly standard with pretty much every withdrawal method that you can use today. The slightly slower withdrawal time happens because Bitcoin withdrawals are often processed manually for security reasons.

You also have to install Bitcoin software onto your computer at some point if you want to start using this method, so if you don’t like downloading and installing things onto your computer then this might not be the ideal online payment method for you. The fact that it’s unregulated by any government authority is also a turn off for some players who prefer things to be fully above board.

How to Use Bitcoin to Deposit at Casinos

You can start using Bitcoin today at many of our most highly recommended US online casinos in just a few simple steps and purchasing Bitcoin takes less than half an hour to begin with. Too many people over estimate the complexity of using Bitcoin and it can now be purchased using your credit or debit card in no time at all. You need to start by getting a Bitcoin wallet. This is the place where your coins will be stored until you are ready to spend them.

Don’t forget that Bitcoin wallets are available on desktop and on mobile and you can purchase Bitcoin through one of several regulated exchanges. However, using a regulated exchange often requires you to add a picture of your ID to open an account. Some exchanges will also need your wallet address before you can buy Bitcoin.

Alternatively, you can just send your Bitcoin directly from your exchange account to your wallet. It’s really straight forward providing you follow the simple onscreen instructions. When you are ready, select ‘Send Bitcoin’ in your exchange account, copy & paste your wallet address into the required field and then hit send with your chosen amount.

How to Use Bitcoin to Withdraw from Casinos

Using Bitcoin to make a withdrawal from an online casino is just as easy as using Bitcoin to make a deposit. You need to start by logging in to your Bitcoin casino account with your correct username and password and then you need to head to the cashier section. You now need to click on the withdraw button and the option that you need to select here is Bitcoin. This process is fairly standard at most online casinos that accept Bitcoin, just make sure that you follow the onscreen instructions carefully.

When you are ready to make a withdrawal using Bitcoin, simply enter your Bitcoin wallet address and then type the exact amount of Bitcoin that you wish to withdraw from your casino account. You then shouldn’t have to wait too long to get your hands on your winnings and a confirmation will appear on the screen saying that your transaction is now being processed.