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Can Casinos Control Slot Machine Payouts?

Yes, casino operators can control slot machine payouts; however, they would be putting their business at risk by doing so. While they can manipulate slot machines payout, whether they do is a completely different topic for another day. How casinos payout slot machines depend on two things, namely, the software developer as well as legal requirements.

For players who have a run of bad luck, it’s easy to assume that the casino has manipulated the slot machine so that nobody wins. And it is completely normal for players to ask themselves if a casino can make you lose. While blaming your losses on the casino is the easy way out, we tend to forget that modern slot machines are regulated. Slot developers also have to comply with the different regulations or to create games that are fair.

Can Casinos Control Slot Machine Payouts?

How Slot Machine Payouts Work

Some casinos can increase or decrease the payout of a slot machine. This is allowed in some jurisdictions; however, it’s not always legal. The manipulation of slot machine payouts will depend entirely on the jurisdiction that the casino falls under.

Let’s say, for instance, a casino temporarily increases their slot machine payout. This could be done to promote a new slot game that they’re launching. Some casinos will also increase the payouts on online slots to give the slot machine a higher payout if the casino is in a high visibility area.

This is one of the most common tactics used by gambling establishments. This tactic aims to show that if more people see big winners, they will most likely be encouraged to play at that casino. Of course, this is a deceptive practice; however, it is rare now due to modern laws and regulations.

Modern Regulations on Slot Machine Payouts

The regulations set by Jurisdictions find it unlawful for casinos to alter slot machine payouts. The law now states that the outcome of any game has to be by pure chance. This means casinos or players permit no influence. To ensure that everything is above board, both online and land-based casinos are audited. The government will regulate a licensed casino for several reasons. These include paying taxes, ensuring that there is no money laundering or that the casino is not cheating you out of your money.

The different government organizations will have different responsibilities, such as gaming regulators being responsible for all games being fair. The tax office would then be responsible for financial audit of the casino and so on. In terms of slot machines being audited, each game has its internal statistics. This includes information on how much money was put into the slot as well as the money that was paid out by that slot machine.

Distribution of Slot Machine Payouts

Distribution of Slot Machine Payouts

Your chances of winning slot machines depend on several different factors. Established gaming operators  offer their players fair games and have no intentions of risking their licenses. Therefore, they will not manipulate slot machine payouts. Rather they will leave the random number generator as well as the slot reels and par sheets to do their jobs.

  • Random Number Generator

This is an external device that is used to generate random outcomes. The random generator ensures that the outcome on the slot machine has nothing to do with the outcomes of the previous games. Modern technology such as pseudorandom generators focus on dividing, subtracting, multiplying and adding numbers in order to generate an outcome. These are very difficult technologies to manipulate. And we highly doubt online casinos have the time to be manipulating these just to make an outcome.

  • Reels and Par Sheets

Another thing that can decide your winnings are the reels and par sheets of the slot machine. The number of reels that are on the slot can affect your winnings. The likelihood of you getting your matching combination on the reels, the higher the payout you get. Remember that symbols on slot machines have their own individual payouts. The weight of these symbols is determined by par sheet which the slot operator controls. Par sheets set the odds of the game and cannot be changed easily.


While it is physically possible for the casino to control slot machine payouts, licensed and regulated casinos prefer not to cheat with slot machines. Not only will they face being hit with enormous fines or losing their licenses, but it could also cost them millions. So, if you were playing at a regulated casino such as the ones that we recommend on our site, then you have nothing to worry about.

If you feel that the casino may have manipulated the slot machine, you are well within your right to ask for the payout percentage of the game from the casino. This percentage is known as the return to player and should be made available to all players. Remember slots are games of chance and if you would like to try your luck at licensed casinos, make sure to play at any of the ones we mentioned below. So, this way, you have nothing to worry about in terms of a casino trying to cheat you out of your big payout.

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