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Can Live Dealers Hear You?

No, a live dealer cannot hear you. However, when playing at a live casino, you can chat with the live dealers. Casinos offer various ways that you can interact with the dealers while playing. You can ask them questions or send messages to respond to their commentary. This is to give the gameplay as realistic as though playing at a land-based casino.

You can also interact with other players and not only the dealer. What’s more, the same way that there is etiquette at land-based casinos, it is the same with online live casinos.

Live Dealers

How to Talk Live Dealers

Live online casinos have a chat service for their live dealer games. This is a text-based message system that will allow you to send messages that the dealers and other players can read. The live chat is part of the game’s interface, which you can use without interrupting the game. The live dealer will see the ID of the person sending the message and respond.

However, there are some live casinos where you will not see the messages from other players but will hear the dealer responding to their messages. Some casinos encourage you to engage with the dealers and the other players.

Live Casino Etiquette

It is important to make sure the proper etiquette is followed when playing at live casinos. This is to ensure that everyone enjoys their gaming experience. Each casino will have an etiquette protocol for their live casinos. However, it will be similar at most casinos.

Below we list the ways that you should behave when playing at live dealer casinos:

  • Greet the Dealer – greeting the dealer and other players is polite when you join a table. The dealer will respond using your username as a way to acknowledge your greeting. However, if you don’t intend to use the live chat, it is fine not to say saying. Should you decide to start, greet first.
  • Know the Game Rules – all the dealers will explain the game’s basic rules before starting. However, it would help if you also familiarize yourself with the rules before joining the table. When the game is underway, the dealer won’t be explaining much of the rules because they will be under pressure to keep up with the schedule.
  • Never Blame the Dealer if You Lose – the dealers don’t have control of the game results. So, should you lose, you cannot see fault in them. You should also not be frustrated that things don’t go your way because it is not their doing.
  • Don’t Share your Private Details – while in the chats, don’t have any personal information, whether it is for the dealer or the players. This is meant to keep you safe and not have other players take advantage and steal your information.
  • Never Tell the Dealer How to Deal – dealers are trained professionals that know how to manage the game. So, you don’t need to interfere with managing the game because they know what they are doing. Wat’s more, they are given a protocol that they must follow.
  • Never Flirt with the Dealer – the game sessions are meant to be professional, which means that flirting is not allowed. What’s more, the dealers are not allowed to respond to such messages. They won’t share their details with players.
  • Jokes are Allowed – you are allowed to make jokes with the dealer as long as it is appropriate. Banter and trivial conversations are allowed as long as it is not offensive.
  • Don’t Treat the Live Chat as Customer Support – it is possible to need assistance with the game, and you can ask in the live chat. However, if you have any other issues about the game, the dealer will not help you because they are not customer support. For those queries, you will have to contact the support team.
  • Just Be Polite – it may be obvious, but being polite to the dealer and players will make the game that much more enjoyable.

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