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Can Online Poker Be Rigged?

Yes, online poker can be rigged. It would be stupid to think that online casino operators cannot rig games. That stated, this doesn’t mean that every poker game you play on the internet is rigged. In fact, if you sign up at one of our casinos, you will never play a rigged game.

There are a few reasons you can trust you are not playing rigged poker games online. We go through these reasons below to put your mind at some ease.

It is Incredibly Difficult to Rig Online Gambling Games

Game developers can easily put rules in a casino game that ensure you never win. However, the casino operators offering these games cannot tamper with the rules.

online poker is rigged

As such, casinos offering games from trusted operators will never offer rigged games. This is because rigging a game would mean having to ask developers to change the rules. Changing the rules would affect every casino the game is offered at, so the game developers never make changes.

It is much easier for the casino to deny payouts to players than to change the game rules. So, you still have a chance to win, but you never see the money you won. For this reason, you should always read up on recent reviews of a casino, where such issues are usually highlighted.

Your Odds Aren’t Worse Than in Real-Life

Many players who call poker games rigged use their own bad luck as evidence that the game never pays out. However, such logic is inherently flawed.

You are never guaranteed to win a gambling game whether you play at an online or brick-and-mortar casino. Just because you once won a poker game in a Vegas casino doesn’t mean that internet games are rigged when you don’t win online.

The reality of the situation is that casino games are designed to see you lose, or else the casino doesn’t make money. This is literally the purpose of house edge. The house’s favored odds are an accepted element of the game.

The sooner you accept that you are more likely to lose a game than win it, the better your gaming sessions will be.

Reports of Previously Rigged Games are Minimal

If something is unfair, there is going to be an exposé done on it sooner or later. You can find loads of stories about unfair casinos online.

Usually, stories revolving around unfair behavior online is centered around payouts. As mentioned above, this is because it is easier for a casino to let you win a game and then refuse to let you cash out than ask a developer to change the game’s rules.

Generally, the players being refused payouts have won large jackpots, which illustrates you can win poker games online.

rigged online poker

So, Can Online Poker Be Rigged?

Yes, online poker games can be rigged. However, it is unlikely that a game is rigged. If a casino is going to cheat you, often they will look at other ways of doing so outside of needing to make changes to their games.

Before joining a casino, we suggest you research both the casino and the software provider to determine whether each has a clean history. This is the only way to know whether you are joining a trusted casino whose games operate fairly.

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