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Can You Bet Every Number in Roulette?

Yes, it is possible for you to bet on every number in Roulette; however, this is not a profitable way of playing Roulette. We understand that the concept of trying to cover the entire roulette table can seem like a good way of getting good returns. More especially since online Roulette is a game of chance, and you would be trying to cover all your bases.

However, placing multiple bets in the hopes of covering the roulette table will not overcome the odds. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to cover the roulette table and make a profit on every single spin. Yes, you will win on each spin, but you will also be losing money. We get into more detail about this below.

Bet Every Number in Roulette

How to Bet on Every Number in Roulette

When you bet on every number in Roulette, you need to be prepared to win and lose money with each spin. For example, if you make a bet on red or black, you are betting on the entire table, but only one of these bets will win. Because each roulette game has its built-in odds, you could end up losing more money than what you would win.

However, if you feel lucky, you can try and cover most of the roulette bets and hope for the best. Here are the different ways in which you can cover the roulette bets.

  • Bet on 35 numbers – if you make a $1 bet on 35 numbers, you will win more bets, but you will lose $35 with each round you play. Betting on numbers pays out 1 to 1, meaning you will only get $1 for each win.
  • Bet on 17 Splits – when you bet on 17 splits, you will be able to cover 34 numbers. Again, if you make a $1 bet, you will spend $17, but you will only make a $1 profit.
  • Bet on the 11 Streets – Street bets are bets of 3 numbers in a row. When you bet on all 11 streets on the table, you will be covering 33 numbers.
  • Double Street Bet – you can place a bet on 30 numbers by making a double street bet. This bet is also known as a line bet and consists of 6 numbers, and there are 5 lines.
  • Numbers 1-18 plus Third Dozen – while this may sound like a complicated bet, it covers 30 numbers. It can grant you a $1 profit if you win – again, you will lose some money in the process. You will bet $3 on 1- 18 and $2 on the third dozen. You can also do it with the 19 to 36 plus the first dozen.
  • Bet on 2 Columns and 4 Splits – if you make a $5 on any of the two Columns, you can get a $1 when the bet hits. Also, by adding 4 splits at a $1 bet, you can get a $4 profit if your split bet hits.

Gaining Profit with Every Number in Roulette

It’s easy to assume that if you cover more numbers on the table, you can get more frequent wins. Like with our red or black example, each of these bets covers half the roulette wheel. However, each of these bets gives you a 50% chance of losing and a 50% chance of winning. Sure, you will get more frequent wins, but this does not necessarily mean a profit.

If you are playing roulette games for fun, having more frequent wins can be your ultimate goal. However, if you are playing Roulette in hope of making real money, you may want to focus your energy on playing fewer numbers.

When you bet on fewer numbers, you could get fewer wins. However, this means higher payouts. For example, if you bet on one number, you can get a 35 to 1 payout. This is the highest paying bet in Roulette.

Online Roulette Bets

Play Roulette Online

Essentially if you bet $1 on one number for 3,000 spins, you could spend $3000. If you bet on 10 numbers for $1, you would also be spending $3000. However, the difference is that betting on more number can make you lose quicker. You will be spending the same amount of money but with less spins.

It really doesn’t matter how many roulette bets you place. This is a personal preference. It is just important to remember that the less numbers you bet, the higher the payouts. The more bets you make, the less frequent the wins. Also, losing money is a big part of gambling, so don’t be surprised if you don’t win all the time.

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