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Can You Win Big on Slot Machines?

The answer to this is yes, you absolutely can! Slot machines are one of the easiest and most rewarding casino games out there today. Anyone can master a slot machine with ease because very little skill or expertise is required. All you need is luck and good fortune.

Slot machine games are accessible online, as well as on most casino floors across the USA. What’s more exciting is that slot machine games usually exceed other types of casino games available at any given casino by far. Casino software providers like RealTime Gaming and Rival produce more slot games than they do other types of games. This, coupled with all the other slot titles produced by other software developers means you’ll never get bored playing slot machines because you are spoiled for choice.

Real Money Slots

The goal of every slot player and gambler, in general, is to make money when playing these games. And, slot machines are one of the few casino games with the best probability of winning money. While playing slot machines, you stand to win small amounts of money frequently or you get to win big through the progressive jackpot feature that some slot games have. Progressive jackpots are specific to a particular slot game, and just like the name suggests, it’s a type of grand prize that gradually increases every time you or other gamblers play the slot. The overall jackpot continues to increase until someone wins. Progressive jackpot amounts are usually well within the millions.

Can you win big on slot machines

How to Win Big on Slot Machines

Now, there are a few things you can do to make sure you win big on slot machines. You can choose machines with good payouts, check the volatility of the slot you’re hoping to play, and avoid going with the obvious choice. We discuss these in more detail below.

1.      High payout slots

If you want to stand a fair chance at winning big, you must choose machines with high payout percentages. Return to Player Percentages (RTG) is the total amount that a slot machine will pay back to you if you win. You can determine the RTG of a particular slot by searching for it online or you can search for it directly on the casino website. Most casinos include this information in their slot reviews. RTG percentages range from 92-97% and the rule of thumb is to always opt for slot machines with an RTP of 96% and above.

2.      Play Low Volatility Games

Checking the volatility of a slot machine is something many players neglect to do. But, you must do this if you want to play on a slot machine with the best odds. The volatility of a slot refers to the risks involved in playing a particular slot game.

Now, you get high volatility slots and you get low volatility slots. Low volatility slots are your best bet because the risks attached to that type of slot machine game is low, which means you stand better chances of winning.  High volatility slots should be avoided altogether because the odds of you winning are very low. But, what makes this a tricky choice is that if you do win on a high volatility slot, your payout will be better than what you would have received on a low volatility slot.

3.      Do Research

Lastly, don’t just go with the first casino or slot machine that pops up. It’s best to do some research and test out a few options before you play for real money. Find a fair casino, trusted and licensed. This way you know won’t be scammed out of money while trying to win some.

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