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Cashback Casino Bonuses

US Cashback Bonus Rewards

Cashback bonuses, also called rebates are a new development in the online casino space. More casinos are starting to incorporate these types of bonuses and rewards into their rewards programs. These come in addition to the standard rewards and prizes that players come to expect.

All US players become eligible for cashback bonuses when they’ve met certain criteria and have reached certain levels or successfully completed certain tasks. These are usually paid out as soon as the deposit is made. Real cash is then transferred into your USA online casino bonus account, to be used however, and whenever you like. Dependant on the casino where you are playing, cashback bonuses are paid out either on a weekly or monthly basis, while some casinos only pay out on certain days of the week.

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Types of Cashback Deals

Cashback on Losses

No player enjoys the feeling of losing at your favourite online casino game, and casinos realise that. So, in an effort to console the player, many casinos offer you some cashback on your losses. A typical offer would be 20% cashback on all the losses you’ve incurred on a week to week basis, provided that 20% amounts to no more than $100. For example, if player X lost $400 during one week of gambling, he’ll receive back 20% of $400 which is $80. But, if he loses say, $600 he will not receive the actual 20% which equals $120, he’ll only received the maximum cashback amount of $100. If the opposite has happened and you’ve actually won some money during a given week, you will not be entitled to any cashback bonuses online. Some casinos have a specified minimum amount that you need to have lost to become eligible for a cashback bonus.

Cashback on Total Bets

This type of cashback deal is even more exciting than the one mentioned above. Here, you get cashback on all bets that you’ve placed over a specific period. Whether you’ve lost or won anything is irrelevant. You get 25% Cashback on the total amount you’ve wagered over a period of time. Here, there is no cashback limit and the more you bet, the more you get back.

Reload Bonuses

Reload bonuses are offered to you once you’ve made a deposit to play a certain casino game, after you’ve used your welcome bonus. These also form a fraction of the deposit made, but the cashback percentage here is relatively lower than some of the others discussed above. Different casinos have different criteria for using cashback bonuses. You get some casinos who offer reload bonuses on total deposits made over a certain period that’s subject to a maximum amount. A typical offer like this would be 10% cashback on deposits made over one month provided that it does not exceed $200. So, for example, if a player made a total deposit of $50 over the course of a month, he’ll get $5 back in the form of a reload bonus. If he deposits an amount where 10% cashback would be more than the $200 maximum, that person will not receive the bonus.

Other casinos only avail reload bonuses to players on certain days of the week, while each day has its own percentage limits and requirements that need to be met for the bonus to be paid out. Here, a typical offer would be something like 20% cashback on all deposits made on a Tuesday provided that it doesn’t exceed the $50 maximum.

Welcome Bonuses

Welcome bonuses are a common feature at online casinos and its usually offered to first time players at the casino. It serves as a welcome treat, as well as encouragement for players to continue gambling with the casino. A typical welcome bonus is 100% cashback on your first ever deposit at the casino, provided that it doesn’t exceed the maximum amount of $200. So, if a new player deposits $200 the first time around, the casino will match that amount and offer the player $200 as a cashback welcome bonus. There are some online casinos that’s outdo this offer and pay its first timers’ cashback welcome bonuses on a number of first deposits.

Cashback Bonus Rewards in the USA

How to Pick a Good Cashback Bonus Casino

All cashback bonuses might look appealing to first time players, and indeed they are. But, there are a few things you can consider when trying to find a casino that offers the best kind of cashback deals. We’ve identified 4 evaluating criteria below:

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