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VIP Bonuses & Rewards in the US


VIP bonuses are certainly one of the most exciting casinos rewards out there. The type of casino bonuses available to gamblers range from sign-up bonuses found on the beginner’s side of the spectrum, to loyalty bonuses that cater for the more experienced VIP players. By definition, a VIP bonus is an elite bonus awarded to players who have well established relationships with a respective casino. Different casinos have different VIP packages but the feeling of exclusivity, importance, convenience and luxury is found everywhere.

Casino bonuses, considering all that it entails, are not given to just any player. Only the most deserving players are selected to join this elite community. High rollers and big money spenders are the popular choices, although the selective process differs for every casino that accept US players. Some casinos may offer these VIP bonus rewards to new players with a few requirements and rules, of course.

Working to attain VIP status is hard, but staying there is just as much competitive grounds as any. VIP players accrue points every time they place bets and this accumulates to unlocking more VIP bonuses while gradually moving up on the list of important persons.

Become a VIP Online in Top US Casinos

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The Features of a VIP Bonus for VIP Players

VIP bonuses online feature a range of internet casino promotions and services. Some of these include:

Examples of a VIP Rewards Package

VIP Diamond

VIP Platinum

VIP Gold

Monthly cashback

7% cashback on NET losses

Monthly cashback

5% cashback on NET losses

Monthly cashback

2% cashback on NET losses

Weekly bonus

$80 reward

Weekly bonus

$65 reward

Weekly bonus

$50 reward

Daily Bonus

150% match + 50 free spins

Daily Bonus

135% match + 35 free spins

Daily Bonus

110% match + 20 free spins


2 points for every $4 wager


2 points for every $6 wager


2 points for every $8 wager

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