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If you have been sucked into the Game of Thrones as we have, you probably have many questions about the characters. To acquire control of the legendary kingdom of Westeros, nine noble houses fight the war against one another. Meanwhile, after millennia, a force emerges that threatens the existence of living men. And after eight seasons, we tried to figure out which casino games some of the characters from GOT would play. Dedicated fans eagerly anticipate what will happen if the iconic characters visit Vegas or play online. After eight years and seasons, here are the casino games we think GOT charterers would enjoy playing would

Casino Games GOT Characters Would Play

10 GOT Characters and The Casino Games They Would Play

As Game of Thrones fans, we all have a favourite character. We have spent time arguing about which character is the best. But which character would win money at a casino?  We’ve compiled a list of popular GOT Characters and the online casino games they’d most likely play.

Daenerys Targaryen

Daenerys was a polite and well-spoken GOT Character, but her determination was silent. Her time among the Dothraki instilled in her pride, confidence, and command abilities. Her intelligence began to emerge simultaneously, and she quickly realized that she was now free to pursue her course. She would be able to pick winning numbers if she played keno. Daenerys has shown a surprising amount of genuine emotion and can appear rather vulnerable, at least in private. She wouldn’t have to worry about playing with other people in Keno, and she’d be able to focus only on picking the right numbers.

Arya Stark

When you consider everything that has happened to Arya, you must wonder how she has managed to stay alive. She is one of the few remaining Starks in the show’s final season; if this isn’t luck, we don’t know what is. Considering how lucky she is, we feel Arya’s extraordinary luck would make her an excellent roulette player, capable of turning every spin into a win and causing the house all sorts of problems.

Sansa Stark

She begins with a naive view of the world, but as she and her family are subjected to one act of cruelty and betrayal after another, she matures into a more hardened and learned individual. This makes her perfect for Sic Bo. It’s a simple game to learn, and after you’ve mastered the rules, you can focus on honing your strategy. Sansa can recognize her errors and incorporate them into her gameplay.

Cersei Lannister

Cersei isn’t the type to back down from a fight. She has the confidence to keep her head held high even when confronted with public humiliation. We feel she will maintain her composure when playing online craps. She could keep the winning streak going for long enough to reclaim all of the Lannister gold that had been squandered. While she considers herself a superb strategist, she is impatient and short-sighted, which is ideal for craps because the game does not last for hours. It’s a short game so that she won’t grow bored quickly.

Olenna Tyrell

House Tyrell’s elderly grandmother and the house’s last known leader. Lady Olenna had been a master of court politics, planning, and intrigue throughout her life. Her wit and sarcasm were equally well-known. The Queen of Thorns is the best bingo player we’ve ever seen. Olenna’s most notable characteristics are her quick wit, cunning, and intelligence. Olenna isn’t afraid to express herself, so we’ll know when she has BINGO! To be honest, you can also hear her screaming bingo at the top of her lungs.

Game of Thrones Characters games

Jon Snow

Jon has developed a strong moral compass and a strong sense of honor, which he strives to uphold even when faced with a difficult option. He had to learn to mature swiftly. This made Jon mature and aware beyond his years, allowing him to negotiate the Stark household’s intricate connections. Jon is a skilled swordsman as well as a fearsome warrior. These are some desirable attributes in a poker player. His perseverance and diligence will help him advance in the game until he is ready to compete for the pot.

Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion is an introvert who dislikes being the focus of attention. He is the most brilliant Lannister and a master of wits and strategical thinking. Tyrion’s brilliance makes us think he’d be a terrific blackjack player. He’d most likely employ his strategic abilities to master the game and defeat the house. Very few of the GOT Characters have this trait.

Samwell Tarly

Sam has always felt like an outcast. He has, nevertheless, had many brave moments and shown tremendous courage. Sam has always been a bright but reserved individual. He has a calm demeanour and would be most at ease playing online slot machines. He’ll be able to spin the reels for hours on end, gradually increasing his fortune.

Sandor Clegane

Sandor Clegane is a talented warrior with a ruthless temperament and a lack of chivalry. He is portrayed as a harsh, aggressive, and ruthless man who has a fatalistic outlook on life. He’s a fearsome warrior who doesn’t hold back when killing people. He does, however, show glimpses of being a decently affectionate and sympathetic man underneath it all. He will be able to get through a baccarat game by strategically choosing which hand will win between the player and the banker. And with fewer people surrounding them, he can focus on the game rather than killing.

Brienne Of Tarth

Brienne has been the target of ridicule, rejection, and pity for most of her existence. Despite her remarkable competence, she earned only hatred and anger for her gender when she pursued a job more suited to her talents as a warrior. Because she is motivated by her sense of honor and responsibility, she considers most dishonest behaviors objectionable. We believe she would handle the pressure of choosing which cards to keep and which to discard in video poker. She will choose the best video poker games and play them while considering the paytable. Only a few times, we’ve seen her get a royal flush or better.

What’s Your Take?

And there you have it, ten characters from Game of Thrones as they play online casino games. Do you think we did a good job pairing the games to the characters? Let us know what you think. At the same time, you are at it, which game best suits your personality. You can play that game at the best USA casinos online. You will find exclusive bonuses and free games. When you are ready to face the game on the battlefield, you can easily switch.