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Casino Games with the Best Odds US

Playing casino games with the best odds puts you in the running of winning life-changing amounts of money. US players tend to plan their summer trips based on destinations with the best casinos. Other players spend time trying to find the best internet casinos. Finding a casino that has a fair house edge is essential.

casino games with best odds usaHowever, players overlook finding casino games with the best odds. Whether you are in Vegas, Atlanta, on a cruise ship gambling on your mobile phone on the deck, you may want to want to know which games will give the best chance at winning. The payout percentage, house edge and odds differ from game to game. Players have to know which games to play. We have created a guide which will help players pick games that will benefit their pockets and bankroll. We will look at the top five casinos with the best odds, the house edge of each game as well as the games payout percentage.

Best USA Casino sites with Best Odds

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House Edge Explained

The house edge is a term players will come across when registered to the casino. Another term players will come across is the payout percentage. Before placing real money bets, you must understand these terms. These two are the elements that are used by casinos use to make a profit.

The house edge can be used to determine if the odds are good. The house edge is a percentage the casino deducts from the players’ original bet. The standard house edge used by most casinos is between 2-3%. The players using an effective strategy when playing casino games can reduce the house edge. One of the most effective approaches to use when playing casino games is to play games that already have a low house edge.

The payout percentage will found at slot machines. Similar to the house edge, the payout percentage refers to the return the player will receive for each dollar they have wagered on the slot or the casino game.

Top Casino Games with the Best Odds of Winning

Finding the highest payout casino games may be overwhelming. When you haven’t played the game, they seem intimidating. However, with a little practice in no time, you will be placing real money wagers on casino games with the best odds. Here is a list of casino games with best odds:


The game of 21 is one of the easiest casino games. Not only is the game easy to play; however, Blackjack is of the casino games with the best odds. The popular table game has a house edge in most casinos below 1% with the lowest edge sitting at 0.13%. In Blackjack players up against the dealer, which makes the odds easier to win. If you are looking for a high payout casino game, Blackjack is the game for you.


Easy to learn rules and solid odds make Baccarat the casino game to play. Players have to bet on the banker, tie or on the player. The player who has drawn a card closer to 9 wins. The odds range from 1.5% to 1%. The game doesn’t offer much action. However, the great payout makes up for it.


Craps is a table game played with dice. At first glance of the table, the game looks challenging and complex. However, the different bets make mastering the game easier. Craps odds are some of the best in the gambling industry. The low house edge of ranges from 5% to just below 1%. The pass line bet and don’t pass line bet are two of the craps bets that offer great returns to players.

best casino game to win money


The poker game with the best odds is Three Card poker. The game has a house edge of 1.5%. Three card poker is a speedy casino poker game that has gained its popularity from its speed. The payouts are according to the dealer’s hand. Basic poker strategies can be used to guarantee great returns. Playing high queen hands will give players a chance to wager their money back. Other poker games with great odds include video poker, pai gow poker and Caribbean stud poker,


Most US players love slot machines as they are easy to play and understand. Best odds in casino slot machines offer players several opportunities to become instant millionaires. Slot odds are not as a good the table games; however, the games have other features which can be used to improve players odds. Features such as free spins, bonus rounds and jackpots can help reduce the house edge. Slots can payout as high as 99%.


The roulette table has some of the best odds in casino table games. Some of the casino bets in Roulette have higher payouts, and the odds are also high in roulette variations. Colour bets such as reds or blacks give players a 50-50 chance of winning. French Roulette has a house edge of 1.35%. However, American Roulette has an additional 0 and 00 position on its wheel, which give the house its edge.

Best Casino Games to Play

Playing casino games with the best odds is lots of fun and the thrill of knowing that you may win tons of money makes the games worth it. Not all casino games have the best odds. Players need to able aware of which games do not have a great return. Casino games with the best odds are most enjoyable at safe and regulated casinos which are not trying to rob players of their winnings!

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