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Gambling Machines: Looking at Slot Machines

Is it a casino if there aren’t any slot machines? We don’t think so. Over the years, gambling machines have become the core of casinos, and when we talk about slots, we touch the hearts of many. These bright, loud and fun machines have slowly become favourites in land-based casinos all around the world. The evolution of these gambling machines took the industry by storm when casinos offered online counterparts. American players can now enjoy playing the flamboyant machines in the comfort of their homes.

Gambling Machines USAGambling machines have come a long way. From the physical attributes to technological advances, online casino games have always been the talk of the town. Looking at the history of the slot machine was only mandatory. As an avid slot fan, we know you have been wondering where the phenomenon started. Putting together this brief history class on the gambling machine took us down memory lane. Read more about how gambling machines were created and what the future holds for the slot machine.

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History of the Slot Machine

It all started around about 1895 when a mechanic in San Francisco become the father of slot machines. Charles Fey invented the Liberty Bell, which had three reels, and only five symbols had to be matched to win. We would love to give Fey all the credit. However, the liberty bell was a simplified invention of Sittman and Pitts poker machine. The gambling machine operated by pulling a handle to create a five-card hand. Both machines were easy to grasp, and it wasn’t difficult to read a win.

When the one-armed bandit was banned in most American states, the fruit machine was born. Soon after the Liberty Bell, Herbert Mill’s Operator Bell slot machine replaced playing cards with fruit candies. For years, the machines were solely mechanical requiring players to pull a lever to play which is where the one-armed bandit name came about. (The one arm was referred to the lever.)

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The Gambling Machine Evolution

The growth of technology saw a man take a trip to the moon and colour televisions and computer systems invented. The technological evolution didn’t leave gambling machines behind though. Bally Company developed the first electro-mechanical slot which swapped the lever for electronic motors. The slot was called Money Honey and featured livelier slot machine symbols, more reels, sound effects and bigger prizes. Slots have not looked back there. The Money Honey has become modern slots blueprint with developers creating digital gambling machines with themes, bonus game features, better gameplay and better effects.

The Birth of Online Slots

It didn’t take much time for developers to translate physical machines into an ongoing online marvel. Online slots have hit the ground running with great graphics and astounding colours, bringing the land-based gaming experience into your home. There are tons of online slots to choose from, and players can play free or for real money slot machines. Some of the best types of gambling machines include:

  • 3D Slots
  • Mobile Slots
  • Video Slots
  • Progressive Slots

Looking back, we don’t think Fey had any idea how big the slot machine would be. People all over the world are planning trips around casinos, and others want to try their hand at winning slots from their living room. Slots players in the US can genuinely say that it has been quite amazing to be apart from the evolution of gambling machine.

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