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About Online Casino Tournaments and How they Work

Casino Tournaments for US Players

Most people are familiar with how a tournament works in one of the sports they see on television. It is structured in such a way that the competition will produce a winner in the end who will capture the prize for first place. Casinos have tournaments as well, and these are not spectator sports, but contests that allow their customers to be the "stars."

The April 2019 Top Tournament Casinos

Below is a selection of the top online casinos for April 2019 that offer casino tournaments. Play slots and blackjack tournaments for little to no risk with a chance to win some great prizes at these online casinos we've featured.

About Casino Tournaments

Casino tournaments are all part of the overall experience for an online casino customer, and have the potential to add a lot of value to it.

Some of these events only require that the participant be someone with a real money account. Others may ask for a small entry fee. Still others create a structure where "loyalty points" are the ticket into the action. Whichever way it shakes out, the tournament can serve as a tremendous opportunity, particularly if the casino is adding some of its own money to the prize pool, because it places the player into a position to win money with very little risk, if any.

These can also be events designed to spike business, whether it is on the weekend or on a special day during the week. They may surround one game or encompass others on a continuous schedule. Some casinos specialize in slot tournaments, and have one every so often where a nice money prize is given away. Other casinos, generally those that are part of a bigger group of casinos operated by one entity, have tournaments around the clock, and they are a major highlight of the overall entertainment package. Not only do they, in some cases, reward loyalty, but they help to develop loyalty as well.

How Casino Tournaments Work

Tournaments on the internet work a little bit different from the way they work in a land-based casino. In some ways it is easier and in some ways it isn't. In a land-based environment, all the players would generally be gathered in the same location. Over the Web, everyone is in a different place. That makes a blackjack tournament different than it would be if you were looking at what the other players are doing. For slot games, however, it hardly matters.

Casinos have been known to declare winners in different ways as well. In some cases, it is based on "skill" and success, in that whoever wins the most amount of money will win the tournament. In tournaments at other casinos, they want to reward something else that benefits them too. So they will favor the players who put the most money into action, if a "tournament" is scheduled over an extended period of time.

That's certainly an interesting idea, and it furthers the concept that these tournaments are designed so that virtually anyone can win. That is actually part of their lure.

Types of Casino Tournaments

Slot tournaments are very popular, and they are easy for the casino to organize. They are based on a very simple principle; that people will play the game for a pre-determined period of time and will try to win as much money as possible. Sometimes the casino connects it to a specific game they are trying to push.  What is happening, in effect, is that the players are competing against the house and each other at the same time, although they are not necessarily looking at what the other players are doing.

Tournaments are customarily held in other games as well. Blackjack tournaments, roulette tournaments and video poker tournaments are not all that unusual. Bingo tournaments are also held all the time. These tournaments are developed for a number of different reasons; they are something that can be used to attract players to sign up with a casino, although surprisingly few casinos that hold tournaments lead their "pitch" with them.

There are some casinos that add another angle to the excitement by conducting them with live dealers. Not all casinos work with live dealers, but those who do like to take full advantage of them. Those environments include games like blackjack, roulette and baccarat, which lend themselves to a tournament format.

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