Lots of arguments against cameras in and around the casino establishment have been heard and considered for a long time. Yet, gambling sites are moving ahead with the introduction of facial recognition technology on site. The push for human facial detection technology is clear, to track the coming and going of patrons in the casino. Gamblers across the globe want to remain anonymous when they play gambling games. Seeing as how that is going to change soon, it remains to be seen what the recourse for this launch is.casino facial recognition a go

Cases for Facial Recognition to be Installed

The first mention of the introduction of technology that could assist casinos in identifying gamblers was back in the mid-1960s. Fast forward to 2019, and there are already gambling sites that have launched biometric Artificial Intelligence. The AI is to recognize the faces of players. The Japanese government introduced facial recognition technology as a means to track gamblers. These gamblers may be showing problem gambling symptoms. The gambling statistics in Japan have been rife, and the enactment of this technology will have an impact. Looking at the Tokyo Summer Olympics in 2020, gamblers will have had time to get used to it.

Issues of Surveillance & Privacy

Parts of the US have also found it quite helpful for matters beyond gambling. Las Vegas Strip casinos have used the cameras to identify felons that have committed a crime before matching their faces with a database full of criminals. Despite the good that comes from the use of technology, there is still a large contingent of people on the fence. Many see the use of cameras as an invasion of people’s privacy.

In most cases, the use of facial recognition technology is done without any transparency. If you want to avoid detection at your local casino, then simply stay at home and play your favorite games online. There’s no facial recognition required at the casino sites that we recommend.