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Are Casinos to Blame for the Cardinals’ Covid-19 Cases?

The 2020 MLB season has been taking place officially on the 23rd of July, 2020. Since then, the world’s biggest baseball league has been overwhelmed by issues. After new reports, some are now beginning to wonder if casinos are to blame for the Cardinals’ Covid-19 cases.

As most already know, the St. Louis Cardinals have seen an increased number of positive Covid-19 cases pop up over the past days. It’s a very serious issue that might end up forcing the cancelation of this year’s MLB gaming season.

Casinos to Blame for the Cardinals’ Covid-19 Cases

The 2020 MLB Season is Up and Running

Baseball has been one of the popular sports in the United States. Since March, most people around the state have been calling for the 2020 MLB season to take place. After months of discussion, league bureaucrats announced the season would take place again on July 23rd.

This is what we all wanted to hear. Numerous major leagues had already begun operating again. The MLB was very unique, however, in the fact that it wasn’t placing its players in a bubble. Most have agreed that doing so would be very difficult.

Visit to Local Casinos Might Have Caused the Upsurge of Covid-19 Cases

Without a well-ordered bubble set in place, it’s been difficult for MLB to stay away from the new cases of coronavirus. Players were able to move around as they pleased. That didn’t make it easy for league officials who went on to deal with new cases of coronavirus. Now, players are barred from leaving their hotels.

Recently, news came up that four players on the Cardinals and three team staff members have tested positive for this virus. Additional tests of team members have been taken.

Casinos in Operation

Casinos have been opened in Missouri for months. All have strict safety measures set in place. These venues remain simple places for the new virus to spread from person to person.

Missouri isn’t thought of as a bigger gambling destination. In reality, this state draws in most tourists from nearby states to take part in its gambling fun. There are 14 different gambling venues in the state, most of which are open.

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