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How Much Money Does a Casino Make in A Day?

How Much Money Does a Casino Make in A Day

It’s reasonable to wonder how much money a casino makes in a day, month, or annual basis. However, because many companies are not required to disclose their profits, this is a difficult question to answer. Nonetheless, the sector is estimated to be worth $40 to $50 billion. This isn’t a farfetched amount considering the number […]

Is It Illegal To Play Poker With Friends?

Is It Illegal To Play Poker With Friends

While playing Poker with friends might be a lot of fun, it is legal to play poker at home with your buddies. Both yes and no. Some states permit you to organize a group of friends and place bets at a poker table in a comprehensive game. However, some states make it illegal to play […]

Las Vegas Casinos Introduce a COVID-19 Test Program for Employees

Las Vegas Casinos Implement a Coronavirus Testing Program

This week Las Vegas said it plans to scan employees for the coronavirus before they go back to work. MGM Resorts, Boyd Gaming, Culinary Union, and Caesars Entertainment partnered to test the workers. Furthermore, these industry giants teamed up with the University Medical Centre, Las Vegas Convention Centre, and the Culinary Health Fund. Also, the […]

Nevada Gaming Control Board Safety Measures in Place for Reopening Casinos

Nevada Gaming Control Board Guidelines

As the United States continues to fight off the COVID-19 pandemic, casinos are preparing to reopen. Late last week, the Nevada Gaming Control board released new policies for health and safety. To resume operations, casino operators will have to follow these policies to the letter. And provide an outline to the board with detailed plans […]