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Does Every Roll of Scratch Offs Have a Big Winner?

Does Every Roll of Scratch Offs Have Winners?

Yes, every roll of scratch offs has a big winner. When scratch cards are distributed to retailers, each roll will have a guaranteed number of winners. Not every card in the roll will be a winning card, and not every winning card will be the big jackpot. Of course, if someone redeems the winning scratch-off […]

The Forest Bounce Method Explained

You must know about the game Jeopardy! Or at least have an idea about how it works to understand the method. We get into detail a little later, but Jeopardy! is essentially a general knowledge question-based game where contestants must guess the question to an already given answer. The game uses a variety of categories […]

Does Doubling Down Work on Roulette?

Does Doubling Down Work on Roulette

Yes, doubling down method does work on roulette. According to the roulette strategy, you should maintain your bet amount constant until you win. If you lose, you will have to double your stake for the following spin. If you are familiar with betting strategies you will notice that this the Martingale strategy. In short, this […]