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Cheating a Casino in America


It goes without saying that cheating a casino is wrong and it is a behavior that ought to be discouraged. After all, it is considered a crime in the USA. Nevertheless, there are still more and more online players that try their luck with casino cheating devices hoping to win every time. Historically, casino cheaters have gotten away with misleading brick-and-mortar casinos by either working with dealers or using gadgets to determine the outcome. The biggest casino cheaters list includes players that used simple math to count cards to win.

While these techniques may have worked at land-based casinos in the past, it is way more difficult to get away with cheating a casino online. There are several players that have tried and failed because web-based games use a random number generator to determine the result. Find out what happens if you get caught cheating in a casino in our guide. We will also check out some of the tricks that players have used in the past illegally at a casino.