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When you play with real money at most US casinos you will automatically earn redeemable loyalty points for each dollar that you wager. Therefore, the more you play in a casino, the more points you can earn and the greater your rewards can become. Some loyalty rewards programs are better than others, but they all follow the same basic principles.

Redeem Loyalty Points

How Loyalty Points Work

You will often find that the higher up the ranks you climb, the more points you will be able to earn per dollar wagered. Once you have accumulated enough loyalty points you can then visit the casino’s cashier section. Another option is to contact player support to find out how you can spend your points. You can normally use your loyalty points to purchase casino credits or free spins for selected slot machines. Plus, you can also usually spend them to access certain casino tournaments.

You also need to be aware that to retain your current VIP status, you generally need to continue earning X amount of points per month. If you fail to earn enough points you may lose your current VIP status. The casino is likely to move you down to a lower level if you haven’t earned enough points per calendar month. This will all be explained on the terms and conditions, or the support should be happy to explain this for you.

Redeem Loyalty Points : Great Perks and Benefits

You can also find great perks and benefits from the loyalty points program when you pay for real money. These include perks such as a personal accounts manager, higher game limits, higher deposit/withdrawal limits, tailored promotional offers and access to exclusive slot tournaments/prize draws. You can also win state of the art gadgets, luxury vacations, dinner nights out, concert tickets and much more. There are some fantastic loyalty rewards programs available online today and you can find these programs at many of today’s best US online casinos.

How to Earn Points

Play slots and scratch cards to really get the most out of these programs and to earn the most points per dollar wagered in the casino. Playing on these games will earn you the maximum amount of points compared to playing on games like blackjack and roulette and on most other games. Why not visit one of our most highly recommended US casinos today and find out what kind of benefits you can look forward to as a frequent real cash player.