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Do online casinos cheat? Here is a question that most online players wonder and often worry about. No player wants to be deceived or even scammed online especially when real money is involved. This is enough cause for concern. Many players also believe that cheating occurs more frequently online than at a land-based casino. The trust issues come with not knowing what happens behind the scenes because none of it is visible to the player. As the player on the other side of the screen, you accept the cards the casino software gives you, and accept that the ball or dice results are fair.

Fortunately, most online casinos are aware of the trust issues that exist among players and have made an effort to gain that trust. Casinos wouldn’t to want to lose the loyalty and support of a customer because that could have a crippling effect on the business if it’s the norm and that casino and many players can attest. So, with this being said, what is our response to this frequently asked question.

How Can Casinos Cheat?

Web-based casinos can cheat by tampering with the casino software. Most casinos use random number generators for games of chance and somehow setting this could be one way. Casino staff that is not on the ground could also communicate with the dealer and feed him information about player’s cards via security camera. The deck of cards can also be rearranged and dice can she reshaped making it prone to land on a certain number more often. These are just some of the options. We are sure there’s more.

Do online casinos cheat

Why They Don’t Cheat

While there are various ways in which casinos can cheat. The truthful response to the question: Do internet casinos cheat? It is a simple no because they don’t have to cheat. There’s also too much at stake if they get caught doing that. Casinos both land-based and online have something called a house edge that comes in every casino game. The house edge is a percentage built into your wager that goes to the house regardless of whether you win or lose. This makes the casino the only guaranteed winner in casino games every time. Because they know that they make lots of money back in the long run, there’s no need to cheat. The casino would be very selfish if it did, anyway.

How to Gain Trust

Casinos build trust with customers by always being fair and trustworthy. This comes by always doing the right things awarding payouts where payouts are due. If casinos can assure players that they will not be robbed of their winnings and that their information is safe, then trust will develop. Players also appreciate a responsive casino. If a query is logged, casinos can make sure that it is attended to promptly to gain customer confidence.