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Do Casinos Have Western Unions?

Yes, casinos that accept US players allow them to use Western Union to make deposits and withdrawals. However, there are not many casinos that offer this payment option. Like most banking options, Western Unions is easy to use at online casinos. It is one of the safest options to use for US players.

do casinos have western union

How to Use Western Union

Here is a simple step by step guide on how to use Western Union to make deposits:

  1. Choose a casino that accepts Western Union for deposits. Register a casino account and choose a western union as the payment option.
  2. You will have to contact Western Union customer support or visit a branch where you will transfer money into your casino account.
  3. Once you have made the transfer, you wait for it to reflect into your casino account. Be aware that this can take a few days.

When you make withdrawals, you will have to request the payout from the casino. The money will then be added to your Western Union account. Be sure to contact support for help before making any withdrawals. You will need a code that you will use to withdraw your winnings from your Western Union account.

Ways to Making a Casino Deposit

When you want to use Western Union to deposit into your casino account, there are a few options that are available to use. The options include making an online deposit, by telephone or person to person.

  • Online Deposit: You can create a profile on the Western Union website. Choose to make payment to the online casino by providing their details, which you would get from customer support. You will also include your banking details information to link the account.
  • Telephone: Find the contact number for a branch nearest to you. You will provide the consultant with the casino details and your details. The consultant will give you a tracking number. If you are not comfortable sharing your banking details over the phone, this option is not for you.
  • Person to Person: You will have to visit a branch near you where you will get a form to fill in. You have the option to use your debit/credit card or cash to make the transfer. There will be fees that are charged to make the process the transfer. You will also receive a tracking code.

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