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Does Every Roll of Scratch Offs Have a Big Winner?

Yes, every roll of scratch offs has a big winner. When scratch cards are distributed to retailers, each roll will have a guaranteed number of winners. Not every card in the roll will be a winning card, and not every winning card will be the big jackpot.

Of course, if someone redeems the winning scratch-off ticket, the lottery will then know that the big jackpot or prize has been won. That will not prohibit the lottery from selling the rest of the game tickets as there are smaller prizes that are still available. The lottery can still legally sell those tickets, and they can still advertise the game using that large prize amount even if it’s no longer available. While this might not be fair, what remains is that they are still other attractive prizes that you can win from that roll of scratch cards.

Does Every Roll of Scratch Offs Have Winners?

Winning in a Roll of Scratch Offs

The more expensive scratch offs usually have more winning tickets in one roll. The odds of winning are much higher and, there is a possibility that the roll of tickets will have no more than 10 losing tickets. For example, a roll of 200 scratch card tickets may have half as many prizes as the next 200 tickets. Most of the winners could be in the first half of the roll, or they could be evenly distributed in the roll.

While it is advised that the more tickets you buy, the higher your chances of winning, this won’t always be the case. You could end up with two winning tickets out of 20 or not a single winning ticket in that roll.

It is also important to remember that all scratch card games will have different odds of winning. Some games will have one in four odds, which means every fourth ticket should be a winner. With that it’s not guaranteed that you will get the winning ticket if you buy four scratch cards from that roll.

Increase Your Odds of Winning

Avoid ticket rolls that already have a big winner

A roll of scratch has a number winners. Your odds of them winning the big jackpot from the roll will decrease each time someone buys a winning ticket from that roll. So, if you know that a roll of tickets already has winners, you should avoid buying it. There will only be one jackpot from that scratch card roll. And if you are aiming to win the big jackpot, it won’t be possible if someone else has already claimed that prize.

Check the lottery homepage to see which scratch card games have been won

Each scratch card game will have a certain number of top prizes. Even if the big jackpot has been won, the lottery can continue to sell the rest of its tickets with the smaller prizes. The best way to do this is to visit the scratch card website or lottery site to check if that roll of tickets already has winners announced. It will be in your best interest to check which prices have not been claimed with that scratch card game. Also, check which games have plenty other available prizes as these are the best games to play.

Purchase your scratch card tickets from retailers or stores with few customers.

Buying scratch cards from retailers that don’t have many customers means you have a better chance of buying a winning ticket from the roll they’re selling. At the same time, the odds of winning are slimmer as more winning tickets are being claimed. Staying away from busy stores that sell multiple tickets daily will be in your best interest. This is not to say that buying from a smaller retailer or store will result in all the winning tickets being from their roll. However, there is a better chance of you getting a winning ticket from a retailer or store with fewer buyers.

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Top Tips to Win at Scratch Cards

You can’t really guarantee that you have a winning scratch card. There are a few things that you can do to improve your odds. We put together some of the top tips to use when playing scratch cards online or buying from a retail store.

  1. Understand the odds of the game that you’re playing. Depending on your aim of playing scratch cards, you will have to buy tickets smartly. Cheaper tickets will have lower payouts and a lower percentage of overall winners vs the more expensive tickets.
  2. Read the small print on the ticket that usually contains the odds of winning that scratch card game. Buy your scratch cards in bulk because in every roll of tickets, there is usually a winning ticket.
  3. Before you buy a scratch card game, make sure that you’ve checked out the prize levels on that game. Also, if there’s been any winners that have claimed prizes from the game.

Buy Scratch Cards Online

When playing scratch cards online, the games usually use a random number generator to gain an outcome. This will take the pressure off to research the jackpot that has been won or which retailer has fewer buyers.  You will also find that when you play scratch cards online, winners are announced automatically.

You will be able see whether the scratch game you want to play already has a jackpot winner or not. Plus, playing scratch cards online is super convenient as you don’t have to leave your house to buy tickets. You can focus your energy on playing games with the best odds.

Play Scratch Cards Online

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