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Gambling Regulators in the USA

US Gambling Regulators

Gambling is a very popular activity anywhere in the world. To minimize the harm that for gamblers, there are gambling regulators that make sure that operators follow the rules and laws of gambling. This applies to online gambling operators and local casino operators. Which means that there will be land-based and online gambling regulators.

The main objective of the gambling operators is to make sure that gamblers have a safe and secure gambling experience. The gambling operators make sure to meet their objective by licensing, verifying and auditing gambling operators and certifying them safe. So, US gambler can be sure that we only recommend casinos that are certified to be safe, secure and regulated by the gambling operators.

We have put together this gambling regulators guide to familiarise you with the land-based and online gambling operators for US casinos. We list the key online gambling regulators for US online casinos and audit organizations.

Licenced and Regulated US Online Casinos

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USA Online Gambling Regulators

Online gambling regulators offer to license to companies that are interested in providing online gambling services to various countries in the world. If there is a company that is interested in entering the US market, they will have to acquire an operating licence with any of the listed gambling operators. Not all states allow gambling which means the company will also have to get permission from the local gambling regulators to offer their services in that specific state. Below we have listed the online gambling regulators for the US market.

Gambling Auditors

Since there is such a wide selection of online casinos, players always need to find a website that offers safe, trustworthy and fair gaming. Fortunately, there are independent organizations that audit internet casinos to ensure that they can be trusted and are fair. The following list includes some of the well-known auditors:

Online Gambling Regulators in USA

List of Local Gambling Regulators

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