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Curacao eGaming – How it Works

Curaçao is the oldest and most politically stable gambling provider of regulated eGaming services. They have served some of the most highly regarded eGaming operatives and providers of services since 1996.

curacao-licenseGlobal IP Compliance Services Curaçao eGaming License IP compliance services and data centers are deliberately located around the world. Curaçao provides compliance-ready solutions tailored specifically to assist operatives and providers of services to meet business, legal, geographic, and also multijurisdictional challenges.

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Curaçao eGaming – MISSION

To supervise and ensure the honesty and conduct of Curaçao eGaming IP operatives and providers of services.

Curaçao – A leading Jurisdiction

The jurisdictions initiative championed the eGaming Industry for over a decade. Since 1996 they have maintained unprecedented global recognition and appreciation for the abilities to consistently deliver reliable turn-key professional services to the eGaming and eCommerce marketplace.

Various types of eGaming Licenses

Curaçao offers one License type which provides eGaming Licensing Authority to Operators of Services, Software and also Services Providers. The jurisdictions single license covers all types of interactive eGaming including Sports betting, Casinos, Exchanges, Lottery, and Games of Skill and Chance.

Curacao eGaming

How to validate a Site?

Look for the Curaçao eGaming logo in the footer

All sites compliant with Curaçao eGaming must have the Curaçao eGaming logo installed in their footer. Take note of the different seal statuses that are representing the Operator’s compliance status.

Advantages of a Curacao eGaming License

Many gambling operatives chose to make Curaçao their home due to its favorable tax laws and quick and inexpensive licensing procedure. Curaçao charges a tax of just 2% on their net profits and doesn’t put up massive barriers to entry for potential operatives. If you have the money and a legitimate casino, you’ll be approved.

Master license holders are permitted to grant sub-licenses to anyone. A sub-license comes with the benefits of a master license other than being able to lease out the sub-licenses. However, the master license holder is also responsible for all activities of all sub-license holders.

Several master license holders are offering packages to new applicants in the gambling market. They offer great solutions including a business license, sub-license hosting, and other services for a fee that is often cheaper for new applicants than trying to do it all alone.

Curaçao is also attractive for the ease of its gambling laws. Only one license is needed for any kind of gambling operation. It does not matter if you run a casino, a sports betting site, or a site that does it all; one license is all that’s needed.

In addition to licensing and regulation, Curaçao eGaming is providing technical and financial support for the gambling industry. Some of these services also include dedicated services, international finance, private cloud servers, and help with matters that are related to running an online casino.


The greatest disadvantage of a license from Curaçao is that it doesn’t really have much meaning. Just about anyone about starting a gambling website can afford the fees and make it through the early investigation. As long as you have the money and a fair casino, you’re pretty much in.

Players are well aware that the licensing standards in places such as Curaçao don’t mean much compared to licenses from other, more discerning jurisdictions. Casinos licensed by Curaçao have gone rogue, stolen cash, and disappeared.

How to Contact the Regulator

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