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Has Anyone Won Lotto Buying Online?

By showing interest in this blog it shows that you are wondering whether it’s possible to win the lottery jackpot from an online lottery ticket. And, we are more than happy to inform you that’s very possible to win the lottery from a ticket you’ve purchased online. In fact, many US players have won big sums of money from lottery tickets that they’ve purchased online.

There are also a few advantages that come with playing real money lottery games online. We get into this in a bit. If you would like to play real money lottery games and give yourself a fair shot at becoming a lottery winner, visit any of the casino sites that we feature below. Each offers lottery games for real money and for free.

Why Play Online Lottery Games

Playing the traditional lottery has its perks. However, being able to physically mark off all your lucky numbers and getting the chance to hold the ticket in your hand makes everything seem more real. Let’s not forget that it’s cheaper to buy a lottery ticket at your local retailer. But, if saving on cost is your only reason for not opting to play online, then you are missing out on a lot of amazing opportunities. Let’s look at some of the advantages that come with playing the lotto online:

Won Lotto Buying Online
  1. Your lottery experience is not limited. When you play online you have the chance to participate in many different lotteries all around the world thanks to lottery pioneers like theLotter. When you play the traditional way, you are limited to the lottery in your area or state. Available games include Mega Millions, Powerball, Euromillions, OZ Powerball and so much more.
  2. You get to play lottery-like games too. Online casinos not only offer regular lottery games, they offer lottery-style games too like scratch cards and keno. Lottery-style games offer much smaller prize money, but the games are fun and easy to play.
  3. You get to earn added benefits. Playing online is costlier than going to a lottery retailer, but they make up for this by offering certain benefits and ongoing promotions. Online sites like theLotter and casinos sometimes give you a discount when you participate in a variety of different draws at once. Gambling sites also have loyalty programs where you stand to receive all kinds of benefits like a free lottery ticket from time to time.
  4. Playing online is convenient. Players tend to line up to play when the jackpot for a particular game reaches ground-breaking numbers. In this instance, you might face long queues at the local retailer. Fortunately, that’s not the case when you play online. Everything is done at your convenience. You also get to play anytime and from anywhere.

Recent US Lottery Winners

PersonAmount (USD)LotteryLottery Game
Thomas Yi$235.4 MillionFlorida lotteryPowerball
Anonymous$94.8 MillionNew York lotteryPowerball
Thomas Cook and Joseph Feeney$22 MillionWisconsin lotteryPowerball
Larry Baier$2 000 000Virginia lotteryPowerball
Rosalind Abdool$1 000 000Virginia LotteryPowerball
Lawrence Ginn$100 000N.C WashingtonPowerball
Gene Dice Sr.$500 000Iowa lotteryPowerball
Ken Belcher$150 000Michigan lotteryPowerball
Barb Brown$100 000Michigan lotteryPowerball
Dorothy Coffey$50 000Tennessee lotteryPowerball


Play Lottery to Win Big

Now that you know it’s possible to win lotto from buying online, head over to any of our casinos below to start playing today. You could very well be the next person to be added to the growing list of lottery winners!


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