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How Long Do Scratch Cards Last?

If you have ever wondered how long scratch cards last, then we have the answer for you. You have to keep in mind that all scratch cards from your state’s National Lottery have an expiry date. Also, you need to check out the new scratch cards that come out from the state Lottery because there are many them.

However, we understand that it can be cumbersome to keep track of the winning scratch cards and when they should be cashed. If you find that you have won a scratch card, you need to keep in mind that you have 180 days to claim your winnings.

Reasons Why Scratch Cards Expire

Two primary reasons would make scratchies expire. One of the reasons is that all the jackpots have been won and claimed. Some state lotteries categorize scratchcards into three sections: A, B, and C.  For example, scratch cards with a jackpot of $121 000 or more will fall in the C category.

So, when all the jackpots from category C have been won, the scratch card game will be closed. The Lottery will announce when the scratch card game has closed. You will also be informed of the results of the various scratch cards.

Category A includes scratch cards that are $121 000 or less. Scratchcards can be sold even after people have won jackpots.

The second reason for scratchcards expiring is that the state lottery has sold all the cards to retailers. Keep in mind that Category C scratchcards can still be sold even after some jackpots have been won. There’ll be some cases where scratch card winnings are not claimed, so they will continue to be sold.

How Long Do Scratch Cards Last

How to Check Scratch Card Expiry Dates

Checking the expiry date is very easy because most state lottery websites post those details. Moreover, the Lottery will make sure to let you know once the scratchcard has expired. If you buy an old scratch card, you should be aware that the card will expire soon.

In most cases, Scratchcards tend to last nine months after they have been released. After that, you will have 180 days to cash in any winnings you have earned from the scratch card.