How to Change My Lottery Numbers Online?

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If you’d like to change your lotto numbers, draw days, add or remove lines once your Direct Debit has been set. You can delete your play slip and create a fresh one.

The erased play slip will continue to run until the end of the payment month, at which point the new play slip will take over without you missing any lotto draws.

Lottery Syndicates

Is there any way to predict lottery numbers?

Since lottery numbers are drawn randomly, there’s no way to precisely predict the exact numbers.

How to buy US Lottery Tickets Online

Step 1 – Register at a casino site or the lotto site

To play the lottery you will need to first register and log in to your lottery account. To register click on the REGISTER button on the top right-hand side of the page.

Step 2 – Click the PLAY NOW section

Choose the kind of Lottery you want to play. Select the number of draws you want to take part in. Here you can also choose the draw date and how many weeks you wish those numbers to run.

Pick your lucky numbers by clicking on them. Your chosen numbers will be highlighted by changing to a darker colour.

If you want to remove a selected lottery number, click on it again.

You can also use the QUICK PICK button to quickly pick a randomly generated entry.

Step 3 – Add your Entry

Once you have chosen your lottery numbers, press the PLAY NUMBERS button. Your lottery entry will be added to the list at the bottom of the page. You can continue adding entries until you have all your entries in.

To play your lottery entries click CONTINUE to move to the payment section.

Step 4 – Confirmation and payment

Once you have picked all the entries, press the CONTINUE button. You then will be asked to confirm your lottery entries and to enter your banking details.

Your transaction will then be processed and you will receive a confirmation by email.

Step 5 – What happens if you win?

After you play the lottery, you will get an email when the draw is complete. This email will detail the winning numbers and prize amounts. If your winnings are over $200.00, you will be contacted telephonically.