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Scoring winning lottery numbers means you can walk away with millions or even billions of dollars. Many people buy a lottery ticket and pick numbers they like or randomly on how they feel. So, everyone has a method of how to select lottery numbers.

There is no guarantee the method will make you win. However, there is no harm in having one. If you want to try your luck and win prizes, then you won’t lose anything using our tips.

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Ways to Pick Lottery Numbers

Playing the lottery is interesting and may be fruitful. Whether you win or lose with these methods you’ll have fun and that’s what really matters.

Pick Lucky Numbers

Most of us have lucky numbers whether it’s your birth date, special occasion or attached to it for other reasons. Some people use their anniversary or favorite team number on the lottery ticket hoping to score big. All you need to do is gather your valuable numbers and pick them as your lottery numbers.

Go for Random Numbers

The lottery outcome is random so why not pick a good selection of numbers without thinking about it? Take the time to choose numbers at the top of your head and write them down. You can have your own draw or drop a pen on numbers. This shouldn’t take long and relieve you off the pressure of having to think of lottery numbers.

Follow the Delta System

You will find many systems online which are meant to increase your chances of winning the jackpot. What works for some people may not be the answer in other cases. For now, this is how the Delta System works:

  • Pick numbers between 1-3.
  • Choose numbers from 1-8.
  • Select a number close to 8.
  • Choose two numbers from 8-15.
  • Numbers should be mixed up, so they are not in numerical order.
  • First lottery number is the first Delta number in the sequence.
  • Second number is the first two Delta numbers added together.
  • Third is your second lottery number plus the third Delta digit.
  • Fourth number is the third number plus the fourth Delta digit.
  • Fifth is the fourth number plus the fifth Delta digit.
  • Sixth is the fifth lottery number plus the sixth Delta digit.

Choose Numbers Over 31

This method will not increase your chances of winning but is worth a try. In most cases people have low numbers in their selection, such as birthdays being used often. The numbers over 31 are not used frequently. It simply means that there is less chance someone else will hit the jackpot using your numbers.

Let the Machine Pick Numbers

If you are too lazy and just want to play the lottery game, then allow the machine to do the honors. It will give you random numbers. It doesn’t matter whether you have spent a lot of time picking the numbers or went with the machine. At the end of the day, you’ll have the same chances of winning. It’s all about lady luck when it comes to winning the lottery.