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How to Play Bingo Games Online

How to Play Bingo for USA PlayersLearning how to play bingo traditionally is a relatively easy process. You can play bingo games on your phone or desktop easily.

So, how does it work? It is actually quite simple. For starters, you will have to register an account with a casino site that offers bingo games. Secondly, make a deposit depending on how much you would like to spend or how much you can afford.

Lastly, pick a bingo game and start playing. And the best part is that you can now scream bingo without having to worry about awkward stares. Keep reading for a detailed how to play guide.

Find Best Online Bingo Sites

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The Objective of Online Bingo

The objective of the game is simple. All you need to do is cross mark off the numbers called out on your card or ticket using bingo markers. In online bingo, these numbers will be displayed on the screen. To win, the numbers on your card need to be crossed out in a straight line or clear pattern. The pattern can run from top to bottom, side to side, corner to corner or any other legible pattern. We describe all probable patterns later. The casino software will detect your win robotically.

The casino software also generates bingo cards for online players. If you are unsatisfied with the cards you have been dealt, you can choose to get a different set of cards with different numbers. Playing online also offers a range of other customizable features to make the online experience more enjoyable.

The cost of a single bingo ticket is usually fixed and affordable. Players are also able to purchase multiple cards at once.

How to Play Bingo Step-By-Step

  1. Buy a Bingo Card. The first step on how to play bingo online is buying a bingo ticket. How many tickets you buy is up to you. But, to make the game more fun and to increase your chances of calling bingo, it’s best to buy multiple tickets.
  2. Listen to Call Out Numbers. The game is set in motion when the bingo caller announces the first number. At an internet casino, the numbers are displayed on the screen by means of a random number generator.
  3. Mark Your Numbers. As soon as the numbers are revealed, you have to mark them on your digital card if they appear on the bingo card you’ve purchased. Remember different cards consists of different numbers. Online players can choose to mark the numbers themselves or have the casino software do it for them.
  4. Be Vigilant of Possible PatternsContinuously check to see if you have formed a pattern and track all probable patterns on your card.
  5. Bingo! Five numbers that appear on a straight line or in any clear pattern qualifies as a bingo.
How to Play Bingo USA

How to Play Pattern Variations

You may score yourself additional prizes when you manage to form alternative number patterns such as an ‘X’ for example. The same counts for marking off the entire bingo card, also called a ‘blackout’. Each internet casino has a list of acceptable patterns and its possible for you to win multiple times if you are able to form more than one pattern on your card. We’ve listed some of the patterns below.

  1. T Shape Pattern – This pattern comes in the shape of the letter ‘T’. This can be an upside-down T, an upright T or even a sideways T.
  2. U Shape Pattern – The same logic applies with the U shape pattern. This pattern involves marking the squares on three sides of the bingo card to form the shape of the letter U. The letter can be upward facing, downward facing or sideways.
  3. Square Shape Pattern – To call bingo on a square shaped pattern, you need to mark off all the squares along all 4 sides of the square. You are basically outlining the square card.
  4. Diamond Pattern – There are big diamond patterns and small diamond patterns, both justify calling bingo. Small diamonds are formed around the centre block labelled ‘free’. The immediate blocks to the right and left, top and bottom need to be marked to form the small diamond pattern. Big diamonds have its points in the centre squares of each side of the bingo card.
  5. American Flag – This all-American pattern involves marking all the blocks in the top three rows, as well as the two bottom squares (or flagpole) in either the B column, or O column.
  6. Broken Square Pattern – This is an interesting shape to play. It forms a square much like the square shape pattern, but in this case some blocks are left unmarked. All the corner and middle squares along each side of the card need to be marked, the rest aren’t compulsory.

These are just some of the patterns available to you when playing bingo online, a list of other exciting patterns exists.

Play Bingo Virtually With Friends

So, we have given you one of the best ways to play bingo online. But signing up to a regulated casino is not the only way you can play bingo with friends virtually. All you have to do is gather your mates, set a stake amount, and get connected.

You may be wondering what on earth we are talking about. Well, large scale video call offerings. Simply agree on a type and choose one of the following options

Zoom – getting set up is easy, and you can use the zoom app on your phone, laptop, or desktop. Also, you can have more than 20 people on a zoom call. There are tons of backgrounds to choose from, making your bingo night extra special. Unfortunately, the free package will limit you to 40 minutes of play.

Skype – This is the original video calling software that can take up to 50 people on one call. You can also join on your desktop, mobile device, and smart tv if you have a webcam.

Facebook Messenger room – the new Facebook feature lets you host a virtual chat room of up to 50 people. The best part is if you don’t have a Facebook account, you can still take part.

Enjoy Bingo Games Online

Whether you are playing a 1-75 or 1-90 ball bingo game virtually, you are in for a lot of fun. If you have never played bingo, playing virtually with friends is a great way to start. You can also use our how to play bingo guides to try to beat your friend. Don’t worry. We won’t tell them.

You can decide on the type of prizes, the time, as well as the type of game amongst friends. Playing virtually allows you to stay home, play your favorite game, and be with friends at the same time. Another reason why you should play virtually you can control how much you spend on bingo.

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