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How to Play Video Poker Online

Video poker is one of the casino games that are simple to play. It also has a low house edge meaning that playing this game will be worthwhile. However, when you don’t know how to play video poker using the best video poker strategy, then it could be difficult to reap the benefits of the low house edge.

Fortunately, for US players we have put together this how to play video poker guide to help with learning how to play this casino game.

Top US Casinos to Play Video Poker for Real Money

How to Play Video Poker Free Guide

Playing video poker requires skill and a good video poker strategy to come out as a winner. It does, not matter which variation of the game you are playing. Slot machine players can consider trying video poker because with this game there are more chances that you can hit the big jackpot. Follow our guide below to find out how to win as video poker.

Rules on How to Play Video Poker

With any casino game knowing the rules of the game puts you in a good place to understand how to play the games. When you play video poker the first step is knowing and understanding the rules of video poker play. The game aims to end up with a winning poker hand.

Even though there are different variations of video poker, they all work on the basis of a five card draw poker. A 52-card deck is used to play video poker. Before the game starts, you have to place a wager and then press the deal button to start the game. Five randomly selected cards will be revealed on the screen. You then have to choose which cards you want to keep and which ones to discard. To choose the cards you want to keep, click on them.

You then hit the draw button, and the cards you want to discard will be replaced. Your hand will win if you have a straight, royal flush and others. We cover the hands below. How much your hand will payout is dependent on the paytable of the type of video poker game you are playing which we explain further below.

Understanding the Paytable when Playing Video Poker

A paytable gives you an indication of how much you will get back should you win when you play video poker. However, each variation of video poker has its paytable. Hence, it is important to do your research on which game has good paytable. Unlike other casino games, with video poker, you can see this paytable before playing the video poker game.

As a player, you have to know that the paytable is the basis for the return to the player percentage. For example, most casinos have a house edge of 3% on every video poker play. This is also considered as the casino’s profit. This means that there is 97% left from the 100% which then becomes the return to the player. However, this can also differ depending on the video poker game paytable.

Choose the Best Video Poker to Play

As we have mentioned above, choose to play a video poker game that has a good paytable because then you get good returns. Hence, this step should be considered as very important because choosing randomly may decrease your chances of winning.

Another factor that you must take into consideration when looking for a video poker to play is the variance of a game. By variance, we mean the volatility of the game. If a video poker game has a higher variance, it means it will take time for you to hit a paying combination that is on the paytable and will pay big. A video poker game with a low variance will often hit with lower payouts and less frequent big payouts. So, as a result, it is better to choose to play a video poker game that best suits your bankroll.

Play the Best Video Poker Hands

In this game of video poker, there are hands that payout. The different hands are as per below:

How to Win at Video Poker - Video Poker Strategies

The best way to play video poker online, it to find sites that will allow you to play video poker for free. In this way, you will be able to practice the game and test out video poker strategies and improve your gaming skills. Once you are ready to play video poker online for money, you can sign up for a real money account form any of the listed casinos here on our site. Choose the best video poker to play and enjoy your online video poker gaming.

The best way to play video poker is not by guessing how to play it. You will risk losing a lot of money and lower your chances of winning big. As a result, it is best to employ the best strategies. You can also use the bonuses that the online casino awards to play video poker.

Tips on How to Play Video Poker for Free

Each variation of video poker has different strategies that you can use to improve your winning chances. For example, how to play video poker jacks or better will be different to how to play video poker deuces wild using their respective strategies. Learn the video poker strategies and have a more enjoyable gaming experience.

Below we have some tips to help you better win at playing video poker online: