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Is Online Roulette Random?

is online roulette randomIs online roulette random? Well, this is a question asked by many players who have tried online gambling. After all, is there any way to know that any online casino game is truly random?

Often, you hear stories of people winning with their bonus cash and then suddenly losing as they near the wagering requirements on the cash.

The truth is; sometimes, this is due to harsh coincidences that are hard to swallow. Other times, games have been fixed to ensure the casino wins. But how can you spot online roulette games that aren’t random? Well, let’s explore below!

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How are Online Roulette Games Made Random?

All online games work with a random number generator algorithm to produce random results. Theoretically, the algorithm is not truly random because computer-generated algorithms often use the time to generate new results. However, it is as close to random as you are ever going to get.

Additionally, players will never be able to work out how the algorithm works. So, you will not be able to cheat the system either.

online roulette random

Are Online Games Truly Random?

Most gambling sites will tell you that they use RNG algorithms to determine game results. As stated above, some casinos are stating the truth when they say this, but some aren’t too.

It goes without saying that casinos with rigged games are unsafe to play. However, the onus is on you to determine whether the casino you choose to join is safe. Usually, safe casinos meet a handful of benchmarks, including:

  • The casino is licensed and regulated by industry-trusted governing authorities.
  • The site’s games are tested by independent third-parties regularly.
  • SSL encryption is used to ensure that all information you share with the casino is safe.
  • The casino is powered by a reputable software provider (for example, Realtime Gaming, Betsoft, or Rival, among others.)

If the casino does meet these minimum requirements, you should think twice about signing up and depositing.

Success is Not an Indicator of Unfair Games

Many players seem to think that their success (or lack thereof) is an indicator of a rigged game. But this is not true.

Since the first casinos opened their doors, gambling games have been run to ensure that the casino has better odds of winning than the player. We know this as house edge.

House edge is not an unfair edge – it is the mechanic that allows casinos to remain in business. You will not find a casino that doesn’t feature a house edge. If you do, make sure to play there as often as possible while you can because it will not stay in business very long.

Aside from the fact that casinos are naturally more likely to win, gambling games are based on chance. This means that there is a chance you will win and a chance you will win. Nothing is guaranteed – so don’t go into a game expecting to win.

In summary, online roulette is random at casinos that operate by the book. If you join a suspect casino, there is a chance you may play rigged games. It is your job to ensure that you join safe casinos.

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